James order to pursue my scholarly and

James Brown is an intelligent, ingenious and
self-motivated international student from Azerbaijan, who holds an innate
enthusiasm to excel and succeed in the corporate business world. Having been
raised in a war zone,
I experienced first-hand the intricacies of accessing education, given that my family
was internally displaced by the incessant war in Azerbaijan. However, I was
able to continue with my education, having been raised in a family that holds a
heritage of scholarly success in the midst of a disintegrating socio-economic
infrastructure. My father is a chess grandmaster, while my mother is a
mathematician, and my grandparents were mathematicians in the Soviet Union. It
is in this background that I have nurtured the zeal to succeed regardless of
any prevailing disadvantageous circumstances that would otherwise impede my
progress. Through the mentorship of my family I was able to enroll in the BSc
Economics- Finance program at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics,
where I obtained the President’s Full Scholarship as exemplified in my resume.
In order to pursue my scholarly and professional aspirations, I seek admittance
into the
STEM-designated, Master
of Science in Business Analytics program
at the XXXX University.

Upon enrollment
into the Msc program, I will bring into the XXXX University
fraternity a broad experience in the public, corporate and NGO sectors, which I
would be privileged to share with you. In the course of my academic and extensive professional
trajectory, I have developed a focus to acquire the requisite expertise and
specialized analytic proficiencies, which the contemporary fast-changing
corporate business world demands. Having started my professional career
immediately after my undergraduate studies, I have been privileged to work as a
Credit Risk Analyst at the Standard Bank in XXXX, a Research Assistant in the
Economic Analysis and Global Affairs Department at the SAM- The Center for
Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, a Project Manager
in the UN Global Support and Compact to Entrepreneurship Program at the United
Nations office in Azerbaijan, and currently as a Project Manager in the IT Academy project at the Ministry of
Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic. The rationale for
highlighting this extensive professional journey is to demonstrate that I have
held diverse senior responsibilities across a broad diversity of professional
fields, and across different sectors. In the course of this illustrious career,
I have not only acquired a wide network of prominent leaders in the corporate
and public administration fields, but I have also acquired different coveted
awards, in addition to a cluster of diverse skills in research, administration,
project management, leadership, statistical analysis, data management and
analytics, as epitomized in my resume.

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My journey of life has taught me to not only mind the welfare of the
people around me, but also to be sensitive to the contemporary issues that
affect our planet. It is in this perspective that I belong to the unique group
of global citizens who believe in making the world a better place for all
humanity. I hold a verifiable passion for volunteerism and philanthropy that
dates back to my undergraduate studies, where I was involved
in social and charity work at the university. I took an active role in working
on projects to fight computer illiteracy, in addition to creating open source
e-library for other students within and outside the University. In the course of
my professional career, I have continued with this noble course, having worked as
a Country Manager for the WWF-Earth Hour Campaign, a worldwide movement run by the World WideFund for Nature (WWF). The campaign encourages individuals and businesses to turn off non-essential
electric lights for one hour, as a symbol
of commitment to planet. I have also worked as a Country Manager for the Earth
Day Network, one the
largest environmental campaigns across the globe, with over 50,000 partners in
195 countries.

In order to continue
serving humankind as a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional,
I look forward to drawing from the expertise of prominent professors and lecturers,
as well as industry experts who form the faculty at the XXXX University. I
aspire to be absorbed in an extensive and applied curriculum in mathematical,
as well as statistical studies, with training in advanced information
technology and data management. Under the tutorship of such an able faculty, I
am keen to study subjects such as Applied Finance Project I & II, Corporate
Finance, CMC Programming, Corporate Financial Accounting, Risk Management,
Quantitative Finance with Python, training in R,
and Tableau and a lot more that is offered in this program. I am aware
that these are courses that shall help me in leveraging
the big-data insights, developing confidence and expertise in analytical thinking through the critical
construal of fundamental theories, facts, principles and concepts that are
pertinent and applicable in the contemporary corporate business field.

In conclusion, I am persuaded that
securing admittance to pursue this program at the XXXX University is a privilege, and
therefore, I am resolute towards matching the scholarly benchmarks set by the