Jack in 1998 with a B.A in

Jack Ma or the real name is Ma Yun born in 10 September 1964 and from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. He is the most successful billionaire in Chine with net worth $38.6 US billion dollar and one of the founder of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. He was the executive chairman (CEO) of Alibaba Group. Before he become the founder of Alibaba Group, he was from the poor family. He once become a secondary school teacher with a salary between $8.65-$10.82 US dollar in a month. Jack Ma attended Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute and graduate in 1998 with a B.A in English. In 1994, Jack Ma heard about internet. His first search in Internet is ‘Beer’. Unfortunately, he did not find any data about beer that related to his country, China. He even search for general information about China and surprised because did not find any data.From 1998 to 1999, Jack Ma headed and information technology company established by the China International Electronic Commerce Centre, a department of the ministry of foreign trade an economic. In 1999, he quit and returned to Hangzhou with his team to found Alibaba Group with the other 8 founders.
A) Jack Ma position and job responsibilities
Jack Ma as an executive chairman(CEO) of Alibaba Group. Have many responsibilities in the organization. One of it is to help business and the consumer to find their own treasure in his wholesale website- Alibaba Group. Jack Ma also need to sure that the organizational of Alibaba Group run efficiently.

B) i) Interpersonal roles
• Interpersonal roles involves interaction and good relationship with constituent ang organization member. There are three interpersonal roles played by managers, Figurehead, Leader and Liaison.

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I. Figurehead
The manager perform certain task like a symbolic task such as attending the ceremony , appears at community functions or host an event for important customers. For example, Jack Ma as a Executive Chairman of Alibaba give a speech at the event- titled Netreprenuers: The Risa of Africa’s Digital Lions that organised by Alibaba Group.

II. Leader
As a manager, they have responsibilities to make sure that the organization achieve the goals. So managers will coordinating employees to carry out their duties. For example Jack Ma will make sure all the employees duties adhere to what Alibaba Group has designed

III. Liaison
Managers coordinate the activities and maintain network connection either inside or outside organization via e-mail or phone calls. For example, Jack Ma interacts with Alibaba Group’s employees, customers and suppliers to make sure the connection are not disconnect.

ii) Informational roles
• The managers responsible for gathering information from workers. Managers become a communication centers of their units and other units. Informational roles include monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.
I. Monitor
Managers are responsible for finding and receiving information, scan the internal and external of their organization for useful information. For example, Jack Ma are constantly monitoring the whole situation like the opportunities to get the new investor for Alibaba Group.

II. Disseminator
Managers share and spreading the important information they receive to member of their organization. Manager have to make sure that the employees have the information to perform their tasks efficiently. For example Jack Ma will make a presentation to the employees about Alibaba Group’s vision- to build the future infrastructure of commerce.

III. Spokesperson
The managers have to always give the information to individuals whether outside their department or in their organization. For example, Jack Ma will give the information about Alibaba Groups to all people including employees and the community through speech or make a statement.

III) Decisional roles
• If the organizational cannot make the decision based on the information, the information is meaningless. Managers make those decision. Decisional roles include entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator.

I. Entreprenuer
As an entrepreneur, they have an innovative and creative to make changes in organization. This include create a new product, services and negotiator. For example, Jack Ma always had the unique ideas to make some improvement or changes to improve the quality of Alibaba’s group.
II. Disturbance handler
Every organization might have some disturbance, therefore managers must know how to handle it. They have to make a right decision and take a right action to avoid it getting serious. For example, Jack Ma is genius when handling a crisis. He once said “the problems gave his company an opportunity to explain how it does business”. He also said “the crisis will help him to understand Alibaba Group better”
III. Resource allocator
The managers must divide the resources to all the member of organization well. For example, Jack Ma will give a fund or bonus to his employees depends on their performance in their works.
IV. Negotiator
Majority of the managers being expert at negotiation. Managers usually negotiating with employees, suppliers or customers. For example, Jack Ma will negotiate a sales manager or production department to get special offers for Alibaba Group’s customers.
C) Top Level Managers
i) Conceptual skill
Conceptual skill is a skill associated with the ability to see the whole organization and integrate relationship between different department in the organization. This skills involve planning process and strategic management to achieve the organization goals. Usually, top-level managers need to have strong conceptual skills. Top level managers include chief executive officer(CEO), Chief operating officer(COO) and Chief financial officer(CFO). Jack Ma make a decision or the new strategic to achieve the objectives.
ii) Human skills
Human skills is a skill that have ability to lead someone, give a motivation, manage an issue of employees by understanding the feeling, behaviours and the attitude of the employees. The top level managers also need this skills to run the company. Jack Ma has the human skills which mean he always motivate the youth to make improvement in their life. He also motivate the newbie in the business industry to make an improvement in their new-start business.

iii) Technical skills
Technical skills is a ability to utilize the knowledge of tools, procedure and technique in a particular field. The top level managers must have technical skills but not as strong as conceptual skills. Jack Ma have the technical skills which mean he know the technique he should use in making the Alibaba Group’s wholesale website.
Planning is one of the most important things to do before start to take action to achieve the goals. Planning is mean managers set the objectives or mission in order to achieve it. Besides that, managers also need to determine the most appropriate action to achieve the objectives. Alibaba Group objective is to make a company lasting at least 102 years. Because of the objective, Jack Ma and his employees need to take an action such as make an improvement to the technology, to their wholesale website, infrastructure and other else.
Organizing. To carry out the plan, managers need to organize the employees, task and resources flow efficiently. Organizing involves creating the organizational structure in which the top level managers being on the top chart, follow by themiddle managers, first line managers and last, operational employees. In Alibaba group for organizational structure, on the top is Jack Ma as a executive Chairman. Next is Joseph C.TSAI as a executive vice chairman and followed by Daniel Yong Zhang, Director and chief Executive officer and followed many more. Each position has their own responsibilities to achieve the goals.
Leading. Managers must have an ability to lead the employees to achieve the goals that already set. To be a good leader, manager must try to influence their employees in performing their duties to achieve the goals. Furthermore, leader must have vision, means that- they can predict what will happen to the organization in the future. Jack Ma predicts that the company will lasts at least 102 years. S0, Jack Ma will motivate his employees to make any improvement or changes, so the prediction will be reality.
Controlling is where the managers monitor the performance of the employees and will take action to ensure the best results are expected . Controlling is important for managers because managers will know their employees level skills in their performance. Controlling also will increase the quality of product. Jack Ma will make sure the employees are on the straight path so that they can achieve their goals.