It is so nice to see you

It is so nice to see you took out time to write me to my email.It is my first time on the dating site and I keep clicking the back button mistakenly and then everything wipes off so I decided to take a step forward this time by sending you my email because you caught my attention and I just could not lose connection with you.I must confess my experience on Match is a little awkward because some ladies wrote me a message asking to meet at a bar around and I know where that leads to and I am not into that and sometimes I do not think they read my profile because I made it clear I wanted to meet someone interested in having a serious relationship.I have been on the site for about a week.I met just one lady and she said the wrong things to me because wanted me to come over to her place without getting to know me sounds appropriate so I moved on and that was it.You are the other person that catches my attention on there and I am glad you wrote me.I am Canadian/Belgian.I have an accent.My Dad is from Canada and my mom is from Belgium.I moved to the States from Canada after my divorce and I have lived in Atglen for over a year.It is a small place, beautiful and quiet and that was why I moved here.I needed a place to get over it and focus.I decided this year will be different for me and that was why I joined will like to take this opportunity and time to get to know more about you.I am sorry I might have taken some hours to reply my email.I was at the gym when I got your email.I saw the alert on my phone so I wanted to take my time to write you when I got back home.I made a short video for you while at the gym.It was just something that came up to my mind.I hope you like it.I am looking forward to getting to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes.I am a very simple guy.I got divorced 5 years ago and been on my own ever since.I had a short relationship but that did not end well too.I guess I am not so lucky.I will tell you later.I will stop for now.I need to step out now.I will check my email tonight or tomorrow for a reply from you.Feel free to ask me any questions.I am an Open book.I attached the video I made for you.You can download to watch it.