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It is insane to look at how far technology has improved over time and what technology isable to do today. Technology is the answer to many of the problems that scientists and doctorsdeal with today in the medical field. There are many illnesses that the medical field has yet totake control of in the aspect of finding ways to prevent them. Therefore, many people and evenscientists have all asked what if there was a way a person could be genetically modified in orderto have no diseases, but the reality of that question is that it is already able to be done. The wrongquestion is being asked. The question should not be if it is possible to engineer a perfect humanbut rather when will it be done.Postdoctoral scientist Luhan Yang is involved in developing a powerful new technologyfor editing DNA called CRISPR-Cas9. Also, in a Harvard laboratory there is a project beingworked on that focuses on being able to alter human heredity called “germ-line.” With suchpowerful technology being used to make this type of medical advance possible, there are manythings to think about. The results of being able to engineer the perfect human and rid people ofgenetic illnesses could change the future dramatically. By editing the DNA of egg and sperm oreven the embryo itself has the possibility of correcting disease genes and pass those genetic fixeson to future generations. According to Yang, it could even be possible to install genes that offerlifelong protection against infection, Alzheimer’s, and maybe effects of aging. With all of thatbeing said it is obvious that the CRISPR technology could be a game changer to this world.Three years after the initial development, CRISPR technology is already widely used bybiologist as a kind of search-and-replace tool to alter DNA.The CRISPR system includes a gene snipping enzyme and a guide molecule that can beprogrammed to target unique combinations of the DNA letters A, G, C, and T. However, thepercentages of the system working with no side effects are very low. The percentage of it beingable to delete or disable a gene in a zygote is about 40 percent and the percentage of makingspecific edits or swapping DNA letters is 20 percent. Therefore, many people, doctors, andscientist see the whole thing as an attention seeking project rather than a real science experimentthat could benefit people and reduce suffering. However, there are still many who see the futurein this technology and in the Boston area, there are scientist exploring a different approach. Theirstrategy involves CRISPR and stem cells. Many scientist believe that soon stem cells will be ableto be used to grow eggs and sperm by editing the genes of a stem cell and then turning them intoan egg or sperm and hence producing offspring. As time passes it is clear that being able togenetically engineer a human is most definitely a possibility in the future, but besides the manyscientific problems it brings there are also many ethical problems to this technology.CRISPR or any technology that is being used to maybe engineer a human is not perfect.In the future, about 10 years from now, scientist predict that the technology could develop andbecome so precise that it could possibly replace DNA letters with no side effects but since that isnot the case at the moment, scientist and many people are opposed to the technology being usedon humans. People do not want children to become experiments. Also, there are many peoplewho believe that this technology is not medically necessary due to the fact that it is alreadypossible to test DNA of IVF embryos and pick healthy ones in a $4,000 fertility process in orderTroncozo 2to prevent a baby being born with an illness that could be prevented. The ethical manner to theproblem of not wanting to fully use this technology is the fear of people wanting to create the”perfect” baby rather than using it for medical reasons only. It is one of the major reason whythis project has been put off for so long. People think that by using this technology, someone ismessing with the identity of a child, who they are meant to grow up to be, and economy alsoplays a factor. Many believe that this sort of advanced technology would only be available to therich.Finally, as there are many factors to take into consideration over this sort of technology,the truth is that soon in the future this technology will be used. If it is used in the medical aspectof life, it can be a very beneficial tool in the medical field and help out many people with havingbabies that are clear of illnesses.