It followers first, and, in a workplace,

It is logical to say that without the followers there will be no leaders. Similarly, without a good leading performing team, a leader cannot be victorious. There is a transparent correlation between servant leadership and followership, and the similarities between the two are very clear.
Servant leaders put the necessities of their followers first, and, in a workplace, they enable individuals to achieve individual high potential. Servant leaders turn the power train upside down, rather than the followers serving the leader, the leader in turn serves the follower. A servant leader is a servant, first. It begins with the personal feeling to want to serve, which aspires a leader to lead, putting the needs of your followers ahead of yours. As the scheme of followership continues to be investigated in more years to come, it is important to examine how exemplary followership and servant leadership are similar. One of the most determining features of servant leadership in the US Army is how followers are put first. An example is drill sergeants eating after their recruits, never have I seen it happen the other way around. This is what selfless service is all about. Which brings me to the questions: Is servant leadership and fellowship the same thing? Or are they two sides of the same penny? I think it is ideal to say that they are set ideas of the two roles present in an ideal leader-follower circle. Apart from the connection that is crucial between a great leaders and a great followers, there are vast majority of people who are believed to be great followers.
“Followers are more important to leaders than leaders are to followers” said Barbara Kellerman, Feb 13 2008. And, if as a follower, you realize that you are becoming self-reliant in your tasks, you should attempt additional challenges. Leaders and followers are equally important in today’s Army. We should all remember when we made that ultimate decision with our right hand on our chest “.I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me.” In this allegiance, it is obviously shown that every military member is a follower.