Israel friend David from Saul. Their fellowship develops

Israel has moved from the standard of judges to the rule of rulers. Jonathan’s dad Saul is the main lord of Israel. Jonathan leading an army towards the Philistines and pretends to annihilate them. The Philistines unite to battle Israel and Saul call the Israelites for the fight to come. while the Israelites see the size of the Philistine naval force they run and cover-up. Jonathan takes his shield and strikes in and killing twenty Philistines.

Saul arranges pretends to punish anyone who might eat at some point during the quest. Disrespecting his dad’s requests, Jonathan eats some wild nectar. Jonathan accepts the consequences and prepares for the result which is death. The Israeli army intercedes because of their perception that Jonathan had spared Israel with the assistance of God.

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After witnessing a renascence in the relationship with David Saul transforms into a storm of jealousy and turns towards him. Jonathan attempts to accommodate them, however, the reconcilement never happens and Jonathan sees himself forced to shield his friend David from Saul. Their fellowship develops more intense with every hardship.

Saul endeavors to motivate Jonathan to slaughter David, be that as it may, Jonathan cautions David of Saul’s outrage and David stows away. Later on, David will be proclaimed new ruler of Israel by the grace of God and word of Jonathan. They part and not the slightest bit see each other again.

Jonathan dies by the hand of the Philistines. Saul turned out to be gravely injured inside the same clash and Saul took his own life. David grieves the passing of Jonathan and Saul