Irony freedom and confinement. Dramatic irony gives the

Irony can drastically changes the concept of a story also steers the mind of the readers down a different path. Shirley Jackson’s The possibility of evil and Kate Chopin’s The story of an hour utilizes the true meaning of irony by grasping the readers with Dramatic, Situational irony, this helps evolve the theme looks can deceive those who seek freedom and confinement.
Dramatic irony gives the readers a sense of excitement and forces them to be involved, using dramatic irony in The possibility of evil is useful, the story starts slow then pulls you in towards the end because we know something the characters don’t it creates a sort of suspense. The situational Irony in The story of an hour gives you an unexpected shock that makes you rethink the book in general, they give you a gap in the story that you can see and makes the characters humanized.

The possibility of evil Miss Strangeworth is really the person who is composing the mean disgraceful letters, Miss Strangeworth expressed her own feelings about the townspeople.
We know this when Miss Strangeworth writes “didn’t you ever see an idiot child before? Some people just should have children should they?” (Jackson 2) In this statement Miss Strangeworth says that the Crane baby is slow and isn’t as smart than the infant should be, also before she composed this letter miss strangeworth politely responds to Helen Crane ” Nonsense all babies are different some of them develope much more quickly than others” (Jackson1) this is dramatic irony in light of the fact that the readers know Miss Strangeworth doesn’t mean what she said in her her statement and her feelings are inverted from what she said.

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Mrs .Mallard’s fouls everyone by making them think she’s upset by the her husband’s death but contrary to belief she was astonished. When Mrs .Mallard’s first heard about her husband’s death she ” wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment” (Jackson1) It appeared to everyone that she was very upset about the loss of her husband and went upstairs to be alone in her room. This is a typical reaction after just losing her husband. However, once Mrs. Mallard is alone in her room, we as the reader witness that she is not saddened by the loss of her husband but rather relieved and looks forward to the coming years. This is situational irony because we as the audience don’t expect Mrs .Mallard’s to be happy of the death of her husband but in fact she’s looking in the direction of she’s free “she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome” (Jackson2) you’d assume she’d be crying or in pain yet she undermines her family by making them think shes “you will make yourself ill” (Jackson3). In conclusion my points give a clear understanding towards my main topic of “Irony can drastically change the concept of a story also steer the mind of the readers down a different path”