The art of teaching a foreign language has been around for many years. The debate has caused a ripple in the language community is. Which is the best method to actually learn a foreign language? They are as follows, (“Grammar-translation Method, Direct Method, Audio-lingual Method, and Communicative Teaching Method). Are familiar enough, yet the methods are not easy to grasp in practice because a method, however ill-defined it may be, is more than a single strategy or a particular technique. As a part of language teaching theories, these methods derived partly from social, economic, political, or educational circumstances, partly from theoretical consideration (new changes in language theories and in new psychological perspective on language learning), partly from practical experience, intuition, and inventiveness.”(2007)
Grammar- translation Method
This is one of the most popular methodologies in teaching a language. The purpose of learning a language is to be able to read literature written in the target language. Students are taught to translate from one language into another. Often what they translate are readings in the target language.