INTRODUCTION in reading and use their imagination

Reading is a process undertaken to obtain the message conveyed by the author, reading is also useful to increase knowledge. To gain a broad insight that starts from reading, by reading we can get information and increase our knowledge of things. In this modern era many people especially students are not interested to read, students’ interest in reading is declining. Many people are more likely to obtain various information by listening to radio from their mobile phone or watching television. So, overall we can see reading culture among students is still low, and this is necessary and must be improved. Strating from the awareness of the students to change their habit to be familiar with books that can provide insight. By reading will make us as human beings who have insight and will be away from ignorance. If we are far from ignorance, we will certainly be far from poverty.

Reading is an activity to recognizing words, reading can also be considered as a process to understand the meaning contained in the written word. The reading process divided into three stages, there are : pre-reading, during reading and after reading. The first stage is Pre-reading, this is the stage where readers activate their reasoning power in reading and use their imagination in analyzing text that they read, the second stage is during reading, this is the stage where the readers can write text from text they have read and can see the reaction of other readers who read their writing, and the last stage is after reading, this is the stage where the readers understand the text very well, this stage allows the reader to retell what they have read. Not only that, this stage also allows the reader to compare one reading with other reading, the reader can also summarize and get the big point in the story.
Reading comprehension is an activity to build understanding the meaning of a text. In reading activities, understanding the contents of the text is necessary, without understanding the contents people just imitate without understanding the meaning. Many people read a text just at a glance. Understanding a text especially English text is not just about how to read proverly, like reading with good pronunciation and reading with a loud voice, but they also be able to build understanding the meaning of a text that they have read.

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Reading comprehension does look easy, but at least there are some difficulties that students get. First, the difficulties faced by the learnears in understanding a text that is due to lack of vocabulary, the lack of vocabulary possessed by learners prevents them from understanding what they read. In an English text, there are many vocabulary that the students do not know, it is certainly difficult for learners to understand the content of the reading.