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One of the greatest problem in our society today is the HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS cases in our country is getting higher annually and it is very alarming. This article the “Philippines: HIV cases up 3,147 percent in 10 years Critics say President Duterte’s statement deriding condom use as ‘not satisfying’ harms advocacy to prevent HIV” speaks on the rising population of HIV in the Philippines and the controversial statement of the President. The article was presented through news, arguments and journals.

The main point and strikes of the article is the rising population of HIV in our country as data collected from Al Jareeza that in the year 2017 there are 3,147 reported HIV cases in our country. The Department of Health release a new data on February 2018,in the latest reported case in HIV there are 11,103 new cases and up to 19.85 percent from 9,264 cases in 2016.People get alarmed as President Duterte said that “Filipinos should follow the government’s reproductive health program, but avoid using condoms because it is not satisfying.”. Lots of arguments and generalizations come out after His statements, critics of the President feel angry and sad.
The United Nations report that our country is included in the top 8 countries that has more than 90% of new HIV infections in the region. In behalf of the statement of the President, the Government headed by the Department of Health educate and tell the Filipinos on how to use contraceptives and encourage everyone to have family planning and safe sex to reduce teenage pregnancy and HIV Cases.The Roman Catholic Church contradicts with the programs of the government most specially the giving of contraceptives to the Filipino Families.
I feel distress as I know the bad situation in our country. It means that we Filipinos are very much aggressive in sexual intercourse and most of us are not thinking of the probable effects of it. Sex is a very interesting thing and anyone deserve to have it but that thing is very sacramental and it should be done in a right time and in a right age. We must be God fearing and honest to our partners. As an advocate of change it is one of my job to inform my co youths on the ill effects of premarital sex and the effects of it, because I know if we are all helping to each other we can minimize he cases of HIV/AIDS in our country.
The article is very informative and it help every Filipino to wake up and to take an action on the rise problem of HIV. The government must intensify the advocacy to safeguard the life of every Filipino and propagate awareness.

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