Introduction food protein, so that you get enough


Weight loss,
the biggest issue in the modern world.
Why is it the biggest issue? It is because of many reasons. Some of them being
the timing of the sleep, the introduction
of machines, lack of outdoor sports, no control over the use of the gadgets and
all the fast and junk food in a fast-paced
lifestyle. Therefore, we need to bring changes in our lives to stay away from all the things and
factors, which influence us to gain weight and become slow day by day. Are we
working towards counter attacking it? Are we forgetting that prevention is
better than cure? Yes, we are. We will
help you to lose the weight by applying healthy
ways of eating

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1.      Add good fiber, high fat, moderate protein and the low carbohydrates

You need to maintain balance in your diet. You can achieve it
by adding the high-fat food like the fish, meat, vegetables and other
ingredients. Add moderate amount food
protein, so that you get enough nutrition in your body. Do not increase the
content of protein more than the moderate level. Then add very less amount of
the carbohydrates in your diet.

2.      Drink apple cider vinegar in water before food

Next step is very important. You need to add the apple cider
vinegar in your life. The best method is
to add the apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and the
dinner. It’ll make sure that your stomach is ready to digest the food. Many
people suffer from this problem of indigestion. By increasing metabolism, you
will digest your food correctly. It even helps you to curb your urges of eating

3.      Green vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of antioxidants
that help the body fight diseases. The fiber found in the vegetables
strengthens metabolism and digests food well. Green, leafy vegetables are good
for the actions of the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism makes bones slim and
weak. Green and leafy vegetables contain vitamin-D and calcium, which give
strength to the bones. By eating red and green chilies, tomatoes and
blueberries, the body gets more antioxidants. Thyroid patients should eat more
fruits and green vegetables. Vitamins, minerals, calcium and other nutrients
present in milk and yogurt increase the immunity of the body.

4.      Soya products

Soya products are a good source of estrogen. You can increase the
quantity of estrogen in your body by consuming soy products such as soymilk,
soy yogurt, soy flour etc. It also not only increases estrogen but also
increases the amount of protein in the body. Calories in soy products are also
very low and there is no cholesterol in it. It also protects you against breast