INTRODUCTION components is square sheets such as boards


In general, the usual learning media we use is a package of books that contain learning materials and educational software applications that can be installed on smartphones and computers. With the rapid development of source technology and learning media is now very easily accessible and found wherever and whenever. Although technology now plays an important role in educational development,but there are things that are now beginning to be forgotten by many people about the importance of a game in a lesson like Board Game.
Board game is a type of game using boards as a means the game. For example: Monopoly, Snake Ladder, Scrabble,Chess,and so on. This game can be played personally,two,three,or four. Board games have been played in many cultures and communities throughout history. Some of them even preceded the development of literacy in the early days civilization.

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Definition of Board Game

Board game is a kind of game that one of its components is square sheets such as boards whose materials can vary, but generally from thick carton. Scrabble,Monopoly, Chess, Ludo, Halma, Snake Stairs are some examples of boards games that have long been known. Board game is a game full of the rules,so indirectly has taught children to interact social work, negotiate and play the role. Board game can also improve vocabulary in children. Board games are a type of game that has its own uniqueness and has the impact on the development of the soul and mental development of children.

Definition of vocabulary
in the life-speaking a person, vocabulary have a very important role,well-speaking as thought processes and as a means of communication in the community. Vocabulary is a collection of the word to make oral sentence or writing. To be able to master vocabulary easily,we must start from the words most needed in making sentences that we will use to communicated.
According to Richards (2002:255), vocabulary is the core component of
language proficiency and provides much of the basis for how well learners speak, listen, read, and write. Jackson and Amvela (2000:11) say that the terms of vocabulary, lexis, and lexicon are synonymous.(Hornby,1995: 1331) said that Vocabulary is the total number of words in a language; all the words known to a person or used in a particular book, subject, etc; a list of words with their meaning, especially one that accompanies a textbook.vocabulary is a tool principal owned by someone who will learn the language because vocabulary serves to form a sentence, expressed the contents of thoughts and feelings perfectly.
According to Hurlock (1978: 187) of the children studied two types of
vocabulary that is common vocabulary and specialized vocabulary. General vocabulary consists of words which can be used in different situations. Specialized
vocabulary consists of words specific meanings that are only used in certain
situations. Hurlock (1978: 188) suggests the types of vocabulary, namely:
1)General Vocabulary
General vocabulary consists of noun, verb, adjective, and adverb.
The first word used by a child is a noun, generally monosyllabic taken from
the sound of chatter favored.
After children learn enough noun to mention the names and the surrounding
objects, they begin to learn new words in particular that describe actions such
as “give”, “take” or “hold”.
The adjective appears in the vocabulary of children aged 1.5 years. At first the
adjective most commonly used is “good”, “bad”, “nice”, “naughty”, “hot” and
“cold”. In principle, these words are used in people, food and beverages.
Adverb used at the same age for adjectives. Adverbs that appear earliest in thevocabulary of children, generally are “here” and “where”.

2)Spesial Vocabulary
Special vocabulary consists of color vocabulary, number vocabulary,time vocabulary, money vocabulary, slang vocabulary and oath vocabulary.
Color Vocabulary.
Most children know the basic color name at the age of 4 years. How they will
learn the names of other colors depend on learning opportunities and their interest about the color.
Number Vocabulary.
In the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale, five-year-old child is expected to
calculate the three objects and is expected to calculate the 3 objects and at the
age of 6 years is expected fairly well understood the word “three”, “nine”,
“five” to count the beans.
Time Vocabulary.
Usually children aged 6 or 7 years to know the meaning of morning,
afternoon, summer and rainy season.
Money Vocabulary.
Children aged 4 or 5 years of start naming coins according to size and color.
Slang Vocabulary.
Most children aged 4 to 8 years old boys especially using slang to express
emotion and togetherness with a peer group.
Oath Vocabulary.
Oath, used especially by children start at school age to claim that he was great,
freshly aware of inferiority, assert his manhood and attract attention.

The Advantages of board game

Board game is a game full of the rules. The children taught to be discipline, to comply with the rules and behave honest. Board game has many benefits especially for children. This game can train the children’s ability, including the ability think, language, hold the emotions,and improve the vocabulary. With this game children can do adaptation and to know more people with a variety of character. Even this game can be a good media for children shy in developing ability to socialize. Through the board game children can also hone strategy and learn to compete. So is currently winning, he did not feel proud and to achieve the victory there is effort should be done. Children can also set the strategy and creativity.
Type of board game can improve the vocabulary in children is Scrabble. playing Scrabble, children learn to add vocabulary and knowing how to spelling it. Along with frequent play, then the more words new will appear or out in the game Scrabble and players will automatically increased the vocabulary. This game will help us to improve our memories,because in this game we are required to be able to remember as much as possible vocabulary to be played.


as the conclusion,board game can train the ability and the accuracy of decision-making. This game can be a simulation or exercise for children primarily in decision making in the current difficult and full of pressure. Almost all the board game hone brain,so nice to train concentration and memory, solve the problem, creative thinking, critical, strategy and make decisions. Board game can also improve our vocabulary like Scrabble. When we playing Scrabble,we can learn how to add vocabulary and knowing how to spelling it.