Introduction: send it steam generator or steam


Mukhaizna field  location on Al Wastts which is destination  from Muscat around 650 km and you can reach Mukhaizna field by cars and air plant.

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block diagram:



















The water source wells flowing into
the raw water storage tank. The raw water  entre MVC water plant which it’s one plant
from water delivery plant that’s work to get destilate water . this plant
recive water from storage tank and the water first step entre free-heater which
make make heater change between the hot water come out of plant and going to
boiler tank and the cold water which entre plant  to e process easy when water get heat at the beginning  then going to feed tank and mix it with chemical
to reduce PH of water after that go to steam tower to remove the disposal water
after that go to distillate tank and send it to boiler is called soft water.
Finally, this is the last treatment for the water send it steam generator or
steam plant to inject the water underground.

Duties Safe operation – to maintain operate of the
Process within its design envelope for the smooth operation. This duty will be
for two weeks work and two weeks’ field break.   

In our organization each department have connection with
other departments. So, in our department (water delivery team) deals with steam
department because soft water supply from our department and also, deals with maintenance team, HSE
team and other departments.

The employees (operators, technicians, engineers) should
have skills to operates at peak efficiency– Maximizing throughputs, reducing
operating costs plus reduces human intervention. To produce “On – Spec” product
at minimum cost and doing so right first time i.e. (within the Product Quality

Employee role and company policy the work has two
rotation per month tow week per two week each two week has 14 days and devided
by 2 shift day and night duty

The total hour per days 12 hours should operator complted
and safety is main control of all process to be safe.

General Responsibilities maintain stable operation.
Monitoring of levels, pressure & flow gauges and transmitters, temperature
indication and write them on daily check list. Check water quality (PH,
Conductivity, and Hardness) and check chemicals levels. Isolation and de-isolation
for maintenance works.

Regarding of Special responsibilities dealt with panel
view and HMI (human machine interface) for control and monitor to operate the plant.
Check H2S and using Maximo System for creates work orders. Using ISSOW
(Integrated Safe System of Work) Permit to work.

 Employees have no
interaction with Quality Control staff reason due to deal with middle level
managers and top management.   


We have many system and software employees using in the
work such as Maximo system to create work order for maintenance and for other
departments. ISSOW system to create permit to work and isolation plan for
maintenance team for safe work. Employees using Employee Zone system for apply time
sheet, annual leave and education assisted. Also, using Flight and
Accommodation system (FABS) for booking flight from and to work place. This
tool and software help employees to feel comfortable in the work. The training
for using this system taking in Company Training Center.  

The data for reverse osmosis modules (WSW wells)
production (BBLs) collected from PLC for december to calculated how much soft water
supply to steam generators. The reading taking monthly.