In understanding of the meaning of culture and

   In my understanding managing people in
organizations is the department that enables managers to have a better
understanding of the interchange between administration activities in the
business procedure, and it is something very important nowadays because it is a
way to produce the best outcomes and accomplish efficiency and effectiveness in
the organization. Efficiency and effectiveness are two words that are commonly
misused and misinterpreted for the way they sound. However, they are two
different words with both a different meaning. The difference between those
words is that efficiency is about doing things right in an optimal way while
effectiveness is about doing the things right. Efficiency and effectiveness in
management are essential in order to pursue the company’s mission.

     Management theories are implemented to help increase organizational productivity
and service quality. Not many managers use a singular theory or concept when
implementing strategies in the workplace1. Concepts
and theories relating to people management includes personality, perception, communication, motivation and group dynamics. In
which every one of them has their own meaning and purpose. According to the
question given, I am supposed to picture the living organization I am about to
work with. Some years from now and based on the concepts and theories I can
clearly imagine how will it be. Before all else, to be more precise and to give
a better understanding of the meaning of culture and core values which are
essential in every company. Culture is something that constantly surrounds an
individual in its workplace; it is something that shapes your pleasure for
work, relationships with people, and your work processes. However, culture can
be seen only through physical appearances in a working environment. Culture can
be resembled with personality, where on the one hand a person’s personality is
comprised by the qualities, interests, experiences and habits that create a
person’s behavior and the other hand organizational culture is comprised by the
life experiences employees have had and has been shared to the organization.
Culture is particularly impacted the entrepreneur, administrators and other
administrative staff because of their leadership and strategic directions. Moreover,
core values is what it exactly sounds it means that is the center and it is
important for a company as it benefits it by supporting the visions, shaping
the culture and reflecting what is valuable by the company. Core values provide
advantages to the organization which could either be internal or external such
as helping it in its decision making processes and also it teaches customers
and potential clients about what the organization is really about and clarifies
the identity of the company. To start with, the working environment I imagine will
definitely be a working environment consisted of people with different
nationalities and cultures, in which every one of them has their own
personalities and way of working. But no matter what they are they should all
be accepted for the way they are because they are still people who have their
own rights and obligations. Most of the time people of different nationalities
are underestimated because others believe that they can’t do everything for what
they are and it’s something that should decrease and not increase as time
passes by. To begin with, a great way to build a strong culture within the
working environment is to show and make people feel how it feels being
underestimated for what they are by doing some kind of activities since we know
that racism has been a big problem over the past few years between people of
different nationalities. Another important element that makes a great company
culture is by having employees know the values and mission of the company. As Mark Zuckerberg says “if an employee isn’t committed to the mission, it just
becomes another job. And when it’s just another job, it usually means the
employee isn’t happy. On the other hand, when the employee is on board with the
mission, they’re engaged in the job and want to help the mission succeed, thus
helping the company succeed”2.
Which means no matter what the employees do if they don’t enjoy it then what’s
the point of continuing the job? But when
employees are passionate about the values and mission they are dedicated to
accomplishing the goal. Before hiring people we should ask them the
reason why they want to work and how well they fit the position, in order to
know how serious they are about what they will be facing afterwards. In
addition, employees should always work as a team and not as individuals to
avoid competition and any kind of disputes in between them. By working together
there is a greater possibility of accomplishing their mission. Furthermore, as company
leaders we should focus more on the achievements rather than the failures of
our employees. It’s something that can make them feel more comfortable and
happy because they know that they have made the right thing and became part of
the company.

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     Every company
has its own goals and objectives that are meant to be achieved sometime. As its
future leader, the role and responsibilities that I would take in action are
those that I am confident of and will definitely lead to adequate results.
As mentioned above, failures should never be taken as a disadvantage for an
employee; everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. It is very important to
celebrate employee’s success so that everyone can see how well they have done,
the milestone they have achieved. It is a great way to enhance assurance and
keep employees engaged.



     Conflicts and
disputes is something normal within a working environment which is inevitable and
cannot be avoided. They may happen for variety of reasons such as feeling lack
of appreciation, jealousy, promotion opportunities, competitiveness, salary
disputes, pride, and ego in between employees and so on. Of course, it’s best to
stay away from them as much as possible, because no matter how small the misunderstanding
it we never know what could come next. If such case happens we as individuals,
should maturely approach the situation and try to resolve the issue.