In offensive. While in the moment, a video

            In one of our readings of They Say /
I Say, the author makes the point that social media may not be exactly what
society needs. She believes that we cannot become unified if we are kept
separated through the barriers that social media has put up. She states that much
of the population has become obsessed with all the information we have at our fingertips.

companies have blocked the use of social media in the workplace as it can be a
distraction for employees, hindering them from focusing on work. Numerous companies
have lost billions of dollars every year in productivity due to social media
addiction among their employees. Alongside the loss in productivity, the
large-scale use of social networks in the workplace has led to an increase in
loss of confidential information and misinformation.

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social media does have its drawbacks. People who may be too shy or  recluse to participate  in a social setting rely heavily on its services
to engage in virtual interactions, thereby ignoring the real world outside. For
them it is a way to connect with others without ever having to look away from
their screens. Those who aren’t careful of what they say or do online can be
targets of cyber bullying or harassment. Students, teen girls, and women are
often victims of online attacks and hostility. Teenagers especially have been known
to use these networks to spread rumors, blackmail others, and share videos in
efforts to ruin reputations. Privacy is also very limited when it comes to
social networking. Anyone can see what you are up to on a day to day basis and can
follow your activity anywhere you go. Revealing personal information on social
media can leave users vulnerable to identity theft, stalking, or harassment. Because
companies perform background checks before hiring employees, people must be
cautious about posting something embarrassing or offensive. While in the moment,
a video or photo of friends taking shots at a party might seem fun, it may appear
less enjoyable to an employer. The same can be said for relationships as well, seeing
as friends and loved ones also have access to what we post online.

addition to all this, social media is a major factor in politics. Numerous
politicians have hoped on social media to express their opinions and
intentions. This is because of the influential role that social media plays in elections
and polls. Not only is it a crucial political factor in the US, but across the
globe, including locations like China, Germany, India, and Australia. Actions
and campaigns started on social sites have been very successful in getting
people to rally behind a cause, and have inspired a multitude of mass movements
and political protests. Without social media, many of the world’s issues would go
unnoticed, and we would be blind to the problems that we don’t always see
present in our daily lives. The ability for social media to bring people from across
the world together towards a singular purpose is one of the biggest strengths
that social media possesses.

            Social media has had a big influence
on almost all aspects of society. It has given people the opportunity to reconnect
with old friends and distant acquaintances. Along with this, it has provided
people with the convenience of making new friends, exchanging ideas or
thoughts, sharing content and pictures, and indulging themselves in many other
activities. Many companies use social media to market and sell their products. It
has helped them build loyalty among customers and start campaigns. Companies use
these platforms to interact and receive feedback from customers to better
understand their markets so that they may improve products and strategies. Through
social sites, businesses can hold contests and give away prizes that help them generate
more traffic on their social media pages, thereby acquiring more customers.
When comparing social networks to other forms of marketing such as television or
paper ads, it is a cheaper and more effective means of enhancing a brand or
building popularity.

are all aware of the tremendous impact that social media has had on society,
business, and personal life. It has revolutionized the way that people
communicate and socialize on the internet. But there are people that believe that
social media has been the gathering point of much envy, stress, and negative
emotions. This theory is supported by the fact that social media has been the
cause of many bullying’s, suicides, and invasions of privacy. Contrary to this
belief, the potential for good offered by social media surpasses the bad. It is
highly evident that it helps build friendships and connections while also
providing society with a global method of communication.