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In the early 1930’s is when these type of programs came about, due to the Great Depression period of time in which is one of the reasons this whole system came about (Nichaelson 9). Back then there weren’t really good condition homes. The homes were health hazards and were not in suitable living conditions (Tilburg S90+). The government only gave the people what they needed, which were the low-income homes, but the homes were not good.
However, there are very minimum requirements in order to qualify for this beneficial program. People who have disabilities, elderly, or they have served in the military or army or other sources like this have a high standard of getting qualified easily (Mulroy and Ewalt 245+). Most young people qualify at age 18 if they don’t have a criminal record or violence issues on their background. In the future if any of these problems come about while on the program this will result of getting kicked off these privileges.
People who can not afford homes they become homeless and lose their families. According to Nichaelson affordable home programs have proven to reduce the number of homeless families also. On page 81 the author states the less homeless people which means the more opportunities, adults and children get jobs and go to schools that are closer to their homes. Many families have said if it wasn’t for the affordable housing program they wouldn’t have been where they are today.
Having somewhere to live is important, however you don’t always get what you want. Low-income homes are built for the particular reason. Most homes today are apartments or townhomes. The homes are also build at a affordable cost, so the materials used are not as good as the ones used in more decent looking homes. Which means the homes are not the best, but they are livable. If it’s a family of four with two boys and two girls the children according to their gender share rooms.
In conclusion, not being able to afford a home can be stressful. The government and their assistance programs have been more beneficial for a lot of people. Today the number of homes for people on these programs have increased by a great amount due to the population growth over the years (Tilburg S90+).