In Antonio. Antonio then reveals to Father Vogler

In the beginning of Amadeus, an old man named Antonio Salieri claims that he killed Mozart. His servants tried getting him to eat something to get him out of his chamber, but he still didn’t leave. The servants heard a loud noise coming from Antonio’s chamber. He was on the floor, bloodied because he slit his throat. The servants then then took him to a medical facility to treat his wound. He ended up surviving this horrific injury. A priest named Father Vogler came to visit Antonio to help him recover from his horrible thoughts. Antonio asked Father Vogler if he had a musical background. Vogler then tells him that he studied music in his youth. Salieri then plays a few notes and asks Vogler if he has heard of the piece. Vogler did not know the song and it hurt Antonio. Antonio then reveals to Father Vogler that he wrote the song. Antonio played some more notes for Father Vogler to hear. He didn’t know that piece either. Antonio tells Vogler about how he was one of the most famous composers in Europe and that he wrote 40 operas. Antonio plays one last set of notes and Father Vogler recognizes the song. He even went as far as to sing some extra notes and calls it a charming piece. Vogler then told Antonio that he didn’t know that he wrote that piece. Antonio then tells him that he didn’t write it, and that Mozart wrote it. Vogler then asks if Antonio if he liked Mozart. From that point on, the movie goes back in time into Salieri’s past. Salieri’s father made it hard for him to pursue his passions. He viewed Mozart as a trained monkey. The young Salieri is jealous that Mozart’s father taught Mozart music. The young Salieri made a promise to God saying that if he makes him a famous composer, he will be devoted to him. Soon after his prayers, his father dies. Antonio believes that his father’s passing is a miracle. The death of his father lets him study music in Vienna. Later In the film we get introduced to Amadeus himself. He had the dreams of an adult but looked and acted like a child. Salieri thought it was unfair how Mozart was so gifted but so vulgar. In retrospect, this was an extraordinary film. This film was the embodiment of what I thought the classical period would be like. I also enjoyed the musical pieces in the film as well. I would definitely watch this film again.