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In the article, “The Problem with Added Sugar,” published in 2018, property of the Belvoir Media Group, speaks about the difficulty of escaping added sugar since it’s in most processed foods. Dietitian Diana Hunnes, PD, UCLA Medical Center, states that sugar doesn’t have any benefits for the body. The article emphasizes, processed sugars are low or don’t contain any nutrients, when it is consumed it doesn’t fully satisfy hunger. Researchers suggests, added sugar has a greater chance of increasing weight gain than the intake of fats. Refined added sugar takes a toll in our health, researchers from an article published by “Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases”, found it to be especially a contributor to coronary heart disease. Found from researchers in the University College London in the UK reported, sugar also affects the mental health of men. Sugar also causes tooth decay, it destroys the teeth by releasing an acid caused by bacteria from sugar, as the article states. The pancreas releases insulin in high levels when a lot of sugar is consumed. Continuous excessive release of insulin results to the body’s inability to produce more, leading to prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Low or no sugar beverages that are designed for weight loss are no different from other drinks due to insulin still being released. Individuals can still enjoy desserts when it is consumed in a healthy way by following a sugar-free eating plan. Replacing sugary drinks with sparkling water will help. Creating the habit of sharing desserts avoids high intakes of sugar. In addition, making sweets at home will help avoid purchasing processed sugars.