In ORPIC Company has been climbing the

In response to his Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said super visionary for a sustainable development, ORPIC was established in 1982 as a limited liability company, Oman Refinery Company in order to resolve the economic issues and especially the transportation sector. Knowing that oil is the essential key which opens the gateway to diversifying the economy of Oman.

Initially, ORPIC Company has been climbing the ladder of success through several years, at first stage as an oil-producing country, it was an essential step in the nation’s history to assign Oman’s first refinery, at Mina Al Fahal “MAF” in Muscat. In addition, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said was the sponsor for building the refinery, undertaking his command, operations started in 1982 with a capacity of fifty thousand barrel per day (BPD) based on the design and are functioned by (ORC) Oman Refinery Company. After five years, in 1987 (ORC) started to increase its production capacity to reach eighty thousand (BPD) and was success mark of the investment in the MAF. After fourteen years, in 2001 another jump was succeeded through the investment in the MAF increasing the capacity to reach eighty-five thousand (BPD), at the same year MAF refinery started to expand its production variety range by adding unleaded gasoline production. In 2004, in sense of revolution a major trend appeared where country’s next main investment in refining was the construction of Suhar Refinery initiated, and The MAF refinery was commissioned to produce Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel through (Diesel Hydro Sulphurization Unite) operation process that segregates diesel’s atoms in such a way to reduce the intensity of diesel and to make it much more light, in order to supply a unique product and ultimately meet market requirements. Then in 2006, (Diesel Hydro Sulphurization Unite) was executed by the MAF Refinery, and at the same year a 266-kilometer pipeline that links Mina Al Fahal and Sohar port was completed and in purpose to move the feedstock from MAF Refinery to the plant that is located in Sohar crossing two hundred sixty-six. In addition, the new Sohar Refinery authorized using the latest modern technology for an efficient utilization and started the operations with a capacity of one hundred sixteen thousand (BPD), in which Oman’s first propylene plant has been commissioned. Though in 2007, the new refinery accomplished once Oman’s first polypropylene plant was opened at the same. Where this plant is capable to produce three hundred fifty thousand metric tons of propylene. In which the polymer is an as semi-finished product, it is used in the manufacturing in the industry for various plastic materials annually. Within the same year MAF Refinery intended to increase its capacity production to reach one hundred six thousand (BPD), also (ORC) and Suhar Refinery both have merged together then became as Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company. In 2010, a further step in development was taken on Sohar’s Petrochemical complex which includes the construction of the aromatics site in the Suhar Industrial port. The plant started its operations in the same year with a capacity of eight hundred eighteen thousand metric tons per year of Paraxylene and one hundred ninety-eight thousand metric tons of benzene.

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