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In person centred practice the choice of whatever the patient wants is solely in their hands, care workers and others can assist them in making decisions and keeping control of their lives. The patient must be told all the information and be able to understand the information relevant to the decisions, having in mind that the information is important and use it as a working process and to make their decisions. In the case that the patient cannot make his or her decision based on the state of the patient, then it’s advisable for the next of kin or immediate family or legal representative to make the decision on behalf of the patient. In other instances help can also come from doctors, previous care to mention few who have immense understanding about the patient, they will come together to give and assist the patient in decision making and they will seek consent from the patient to make this happen. The patient has the liberty to withdraw any consent form or letter or action when the patient feels its not benefitting their needs.
Person – centred practice may include that the individual needs an advocate or social worker to act on their behalf. They must be allowed. This will enable the patient to be treated with the values and beliefs they know. This is all arranged around the patients person centred practice and must be included in their every day care. If they are not capable of giving consent, then they must have a mental capacity assessment and their care must be centred on their best interests.