In all kinds of illnesses include cerebral

In general, children’s toys are
designed and manufactured for children of specific age groups, and their
characteristics are related to the age and intellectual phase of children. The
use of children’s toys is premised on certain adaptability. In our country, the
age of children is limited to 14 years. As a child’s toy, it has a key factor
that it must be able to attract children’s attention. This toy requires to have
bright colors, rich sound, easy to operate characteristics. Specifically,
children’s toys can be divided into the following 10 kinds: Jigsaw Toys
category, game toys, digital abacus Type, tools, puzzle combination category,
building blocks, traffic toys, drags class, Puzzle toys category, cartoon dolls
(????, 2017). In
children’s eyes, a toy is a big chest. At the same time toys can also have the
role of education and treatment. Jaime Mieszala, a language pathologist at
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, showed how the hospital was transforming
toys for its disabled pediatric patients as part of the Adapt-a-toy program. The
Marianjoy Foundation has sponsored all the toys that are being adapted this
year. Hospitals believe that all kinds of
illnesses include cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury and autism spectrum
disorders. The therapist reformed the toys so that their pediatric patients
could play with them. For example, they used a switch to replace a button on a
Katerina Kitty cat toy. Marianjoy, a speech pathologist Elizabeth, says these
adapted toys offer many benefits to children (Kane County Chronicle, 2017). At
the same time, game therapy helps to improve the lives of Vietnamese children
still affected by the orange agent. A group of University of Queensland
students are building game equipment to help Vietnamese children get rid of the
effects of orange. A group of Queensland University students is building game
equipment to help Vietnamese children recover from the effects of orange. More
than 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War, children are still weak due to
the use of lethal herbicides by the U.S. military. Vocational therapy students
at the University of Southern Cross are helping to build game equipment for
physical therapy. They said “To have rehabilitation as play, not play as
rehabilitation… which luckily for us was well-received
(ABC Net, 2017).”  This shows that
play therapy in different ways can also help children.