In their country win the World War. On

the September 27, 1943 Life magazine issue, there was an interesting article
titled Life Visits the Harvesters of America. This article discussed both men
and women who were working hard for their country in the agricultural sector.
The article explained that novice women workers helped to save the crops. It explained
that the US Crop Corps came together to help fill in the holes that were
missing when 3,000,000 farm workers left for war. One branch of the
organization, called the Women’s Land Army had over 50,000 members. This
article showed that women were willing to working in all sectors to help with
the war effort.

In hopes to encourage
women to step up and fill the shoes of the men of America that left for duty,
newspapers and magazines included articles and advertisements of women hard at
work in all sectors. From nurses on the home front, to riveters working in
factories, women came together and worked hard in hopes of beating Adolf, and
having their men arrive home safely. The two scholarly articles discussed
provided women’s words on the wartime effort. The first article, Rosie the
Riveter Remembers, interviewed women that worked for the war effort, and most
found their jobs in newspaper advertisements asking women to take a job, and
help with the war effort. The second article, American Women in a World at War,
looked at and discussed letters written by women during the Second World War.
This article made it clear that women told their loved ones just how proud they
were to hold a job of their own, and help the men overseas work toward winning
the war. As for the five articles discussed from magazines, the first article
was from a war nurse’s prospective, and she finally understood that she was
working for American’s to keep their way of life. The second article was a
young woman building a plane for her boyfriend in the Army to fly, to help beat
Adolf, and have him arrive home safely. The third article discussed women in
the Air Force taking over jobs of men, and helping the country significantly.
The fourth article touched upon women working in factories in bad conditions,
and unsafe working conditions to help create airplanes, cars, and other objects
needed for the men overseas. The fifth and final article discussed, spoke about
women taking jobs as harvesters for all the farmers that left to join the war,
even though they had never had any experience in farming. These women took a
stand, and chose to join a war job in hopes to help their country win the World
War. On top of this, these articles also inspired other women to do the same.
Thanks to magazines and newspapers of the time encouraging women to work, over
6 million women joined the workforce and helped to bring our countries men home

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