In is much more than that, life

In a world where there are so many self-centered people who perceive themselves to be the “center of the universe” and that the world revolves around them, author David Foster Wallace puts things into perspective in his essay called “This is Water”. Self-centeredness is the false belief of entitlement, that one is entitled to everything they want with no regards of who they might hurt in the process of obtaining it. We get caught up in our own little world, with our own thoughts that eventually we stop experiencing life, instead we merely exist in it. We block out the outside world and become isolated within our own world of what we believe life is about, and if there is no one else in our own world, then we come to the false realization that we are the “center of the universe”. Life is much more than that, life is about balance. This balance is the connection from within us to the world around us, through awareness, respect and understanding. If one keeps looking for happiness within their thoughts they will never find it, for happiness is not one sided and it cannot be found before one first experiences it, through the mind, body and soul.