In that a young boy from Kolkata in

In a survey done by Donald McCabe it says that over 2100 student from more than 21 campuses attempted serious cheating on tests and assignments.
In an article by Ankita Chaudhuri says that a young boy from Kolkata in India has committed suicide, and it has brought back the focus on how parent’s pressure can affect the children.
2) An e-mail

I have heard that too many young people are very pressed of being student. You can read everywhere in articles and in television that many parents are to strict and they have high expectations, because they want their children to get a great education as themselves but not all children want to become like their parents, they need to decide what they want and not what their parents want them to be. Young people are too stressed in school which I understand because first of all they don’t get enough sleep and another thing is they just don’t want their parents to yell at them that’s why they use a lot of time to study. I thought it would help with some suggestions that would help young people, so here are some suggestions.

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1. You have to get enough sleep.

It is very important that you get some sleep, because if you are not getting some rest, then you can’t concentrate in school and you can’t keep up at school. You can’t do homework late at night because you are tired at nights and all you have to do is sleep, it is that simple. You have to do your homework after school because you are still fresh at that time.

2. Talk with someone close to you.

If you are very stressed and depressed about the school and the parental pressure, then you have to talk with someone about it, if you feel that it is too much and you can’t handle it then you need help from someone, because if you not getting any help then it can end very bad, like many other young people which had commits suicide.

3. Do your homework on time

When you get an assignment you have to do it as soon as possible and not wait to the last day, it’s not a good idea because you get stressed and your assignment will not be good as you thought it would.