In of overseas workers. The fair trade movement

In a consumer-driven economy, people vote with their dollars. The level of U.S. imports is testimony to the consumers’ acceptance of foreign-made goods. While many consumers give lip service to the desire to buy American-made products, most do not. Some consumers express concern about the working conditions of overseas workers. The fair trade movement is the result; fair trade items are produced by workers who receive larger and fairer compensation for what they produce. The internet, of course, is one of the driving forces of globalization. Consumers can bypass the local merchant and search the world to find the products the desire.
Globalization has impacted our lives tremendously in the products that consumers can access. An especially important factor contributing to this global trade is the increasing creation of free trade agreements and economic unions. A positive aspect of globalization is the increase in variety of goods available to consumers and the decrease in prices. This could not have occurred prior to the institution of free trade agreements between many countries; even had products been dispersed around the world, those products would have carried hefty price tags given trade barriers, both financial and others. One of the largest, with the greatest impact