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In 2002, Esther Passaris established the ‘Adopt a light’ limited company. She had earlier visited South Africa in 2001 and had identified the business potential of street pole advertising however, the local authorities in Kenya, unlike in other states, were not installing light poles, she framed a concept where, under a public-private partnership, the company would raise funds through advertising to help finance the installation and maintenance of lighting infrastructure around the country. She researched on the viability of the project by researching on the needs, investment cost implications and the potential for raising funds from sponsors and advertisers. In October 2001, She then made proposals and presentations to the City Council of Nairobi at the time, convincing it to allow the company to step in and provide the service under a public-private partnership arrangement by March 2002. After approval by the Council, the founder from her own resources raised initial capital; the project commenced an aggressive campaign to introduce the concept of adopt-a-light convincing advertisers(companies, organizations and advertising agencies) on the effectiveness and benefits of supporting the project; identified suitable suppliers of materials; set up engineering and administrative capacity both in terms of manpower and equipment; and also identified a lighting system suitable for dense slum conditions where space is a premium and concerns about potential vandalism abound. Having researched on the available modes of lighting, the high masts were selected as the most appropriate, least disruptive and cost effective means to light up slum areas. By December 2005, street light masts were introduced.
After the success of having to achieve the partnership, adopt a light has since prioritized on four types of advertising namely:
Highway/Street lighting
According to the Adopt a light website, the highway lighting project was a chase of making our highways and streets safe, she developed the revolutionary concept of lighting up highways through advertising on street lighting masts and poles. The result of this initiative saw a reduction in incidences of crimes such as highway attacks, rape and muggings to both motorists and pedestrians.
Slum lighting
One of the key objectives of the company was to meet one of the Millennium Development Goal at the time which was to improve the lives of at least a hundred million slum dwellers in the whole world. To help achieve this, adopt a light took on a project that would light up the lives of Kenya’s disadvantaged population residing in slums and other forms of informal settlements
Billboard lighting
As it is common knowledge for most advertisers, billboards are one of the most effective way of branding to catch attention of audiences on the move.
High Mast lighting
Adopt a light offers a completely safe and reliable high mast lighting system for lighting large outdoor areas such as: Highways