Importance using wireless and guided technologies. Communications done

Importance of internet

As cited by Chatzis, et al (2013), internet has become very powerful in the recent times and widely used by many people across the world. Internet can be described as the most important tool that comprises of several resources and services. It is a network used globally to get information from several sources and to pass message as well through communication. Internet mainly uses IP (internet protocol) to pass information in form of data from one media to another severally. Information exchanged through the internet is done using wireless and guided technologies. Communications done through the internet incur less cost and are effective and efficient. These communications can be transfer of data in form of email, forums done online, messaging through the internet by use of face book and twitter, shopping online and even social networking. The aim of this essay is to explain the importance of internet.

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To begin with, people get news from the internet either by reading them or viewing the news online. People get the news they want through sources like news channels, websites, blogs, news applications, journals, and e-magazine. Through the Internet, process development of news is speedup. People find it user friendly obtaining information from the internet because it is fast, efficient and effective. Various sources that people use to acquire information are fast and widely available because of the internet. Therefore internet is very beneficial in providing information to its users.

Secondly, according to Chatzis, et al (2013), internet has played a very crucial role as a searching tool for various things. For instance, through Google maps an individual can get a map and direction of a certain place as searched. Apart from that Internet can be used to search a good resort place, hotel or a restaurant. Again one can search for food recipes through the internet and how to cook various kinds of foods. Moreover, internet can provide one with a travelling guide for vacations in case one needs to go somewhere he does not know about. One can search for a good vacation place, on the internet, to spend time with their families and also search for gifts and presents to buy for family members.

Thirdly, according to Kim, Sang Yong, & Young Jun Lim (2001), Internet enables an organisation to develop good communication with other organisations. This will help an organisation to build strong collaborative relationships with one another. An organisation is also able to communicate consistently with its employees through the internet. Employees’ roles and duties can be found in the organisation’s website as well as standards, guidelines and rules of the employees. An organization also communicates with its financial supporters through the internet by providing financial records online. Financial supporters will therefore provide funds or any support to the organization. This has been made easy through video conferencing where they can exchange information online. Video conferencing also eases communication between the organisation and its members, its stakeholders, its customers and their marketers. Communication is not only done through video conferencing but also through email, organisations websites and faxes.

In conclusion, as mentioned by Kim, Sang Yong, & Young Jun Lim (2001), internet has been very useful in satisfying people needs. People have gained allot from research done online not to mention expanding their skills and expertise. People can acquire training on several activities over the internet. Academic materials are also found on the internet which can be used for training and increasing one’s skills on a certain area. People can also buy goods and services online easily through the internet. Customers can search for a product they are unaware of and get to know about the products features’, prices and its uses before making a decision to purchase it.