If same, as Chua. However, what I

If I were to compare Chua’s way of raising her children with the way our parents raised us siblings, I would have to say that there are indeed a lot of similarities. Just like Chua’s children, my siblings and I were subjected to a lot of our parents’ rules. As kids, we were expected to have high grades in school and in the case that we do have a low grade, we were scolded and beaten by our parents. Our use of electronic gadgets, such as computers and the television, as well as the Internet were all regulated and controlled by our parents. We were only allowed to use them for a number of hours on specific days of the week, and using them beyond that was punishable. It was also necessary for us to learn the basics of the guitar and the piano even if we didn’t want to. Our parents were just as strict, if not entirely the same, as Chua.
However, what I believe sets our parents apart from Chua, is that as my siblings and I grew older, our parents became more lenient. They started to give us more freedom. We were allowed to make choices that would not have been allowed before and to do the things we wanted to do. I asked them once why they were slowly changing their ways and their answer really left an impression on me. They said that it was because all of us would eventually grow up and would someday be adults just like them. As adults, we would have to make our own decisions and therefore they were training us to become independent and responsible adults. What’s more is that they believe we should be the ones to choose who we want to be. Our lives depended on the consequences of our own actions.
And now that I ponder on it, I realized that what Chua said was true. She stated in her essay, “All decent parents want to do what’s best for their children.” For my parents, raising us in both ways, that is the Chinese way and the Western way, was what they thought best for us. Just like Chinese parents, our parents inculcated in my siblings and I early on in our childhood the values that they believed to be important. And just like Western parents, our parents supported us in our decisions in life and respected the choices we made as we got older.
So, if you were to ask me, which set of rules makes more sense, Chua’s or my parents’, I would choose my parents’ method without hesitation. I wholly agree with how our parents brought us up and their beliefs and ideas about parenthood. I came to the conclusion that parents are there to guide their children in their lives and not control them. I feel that we grew up the way we are now because of how our parents educated and nurtured us in both ways, with sternness and compassion, and in that sense, I could say that my siblings and I had the best of both worlds.