I the migration situation in Europe, but

I see and heard a lot about the migration
situation in Europe, but my first impressions created by the experience in
Hungary so is important to understand maybe I cannot write with total
objectivity, but I will try.

of all, I would create an organization which is financial supported by the
actual government in every country and it would be controlled by a specially
created European syndicate meanwhile it would be observed by the people of the
country. It would have two basic or main project both serve the same goal which
is to develop the integration of foreign people. One of the method concentrate
their power to the natives the other method tries to develop the emigrants.

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These methods:

First, we should understand that people
who came to Europe, emigrants they have a different cloture or religion but at
least different behaviour and habitat. We have our rules usually based on our
historical, political and religious rules. Religious rules the most important
because the other two came for that. However, people who come for example an
Arabic culture they maybe not understand our political or law system because of
the difference between the Christian and the Arabic culture. The Islam do not
separate the religion and the law or state, the leader is also hold on the
position of the spiritual leader. So, some of their rules are obviously came
directly from god. Nowadays in the Christian religion the ten rules of God, on
the stone table, more like just a guideline and we do not judge by them in the
court. However, still give us the basic ethical rules. The main point is, we
must accept that an emigrant will not capable of behave by our social orders
and rules. Nevertheless, we also do not force them to forget their rules and
religion because it is opposite with our democratic rules. We must understand
them loose our bad tempered and try to solve the problem. The organization,
which I mentioned before, helps the European people to understand their
behaviours. Because these attributes came from a different culture. For
example, they maybe get too close a woman and try to touch them but maybe where
they came from the women are wear dress on their whole body, so it is extremely
strange for them when a girl almost naked at summer. I would create national
conclusion questionnaires which are consist interesting information about
diverse cultures besides suggest videos and books for the respondent. It could
develop their interest in other culture and maybe it helps to understand and
accept the others. These points revealed the second process of this


Secondly, I suggest an office which
purpose to educate the emigrants. I know there are schools and other
organizations which try to reach this goal, but if we create a great, unfiled
system the work could be more successful. We also must train special teachers
who knows both culture and could explain them in a greater way what the
differences and the habitats in the unfamiliar places. The truth is we were not
ready for the substantial number of emigrants. However, un my opinion we must
improve their social knowledge the children’s because they can learn our social
rules while they are keeping their own legacy, but an adult who socialised to a
different habitat we can not re-write their abilities and behaviour. That is
why we should learn to accept their basics and then must teach them how to
accept our rules.


these plans need to have a surface where they can reach the appropriate group
of people. So, if you ask me, I communicate by television, radio, newspaper and
on the internet because with the TV, radio and news we can contact the older
population and by the internet we can touch everybody else. Furthermore, we
could create applications which also a kind of learner apps for the children.
The most important thing is that, I against the violence and if enough people
understand the other it could be a mid-long but successful training which
provide a great co-operation between the diverse cultures1.


About the national consultation

I would ask these quiestions every second
month with the informations about other cutures. Than we can observ the
developement or the recidivism in the data.


The national consultation questionnaire

You will se a question and you have too choose the most likeable
answear from the question below.


Have you ever saw an emigrant?




What is your first expression when you see
a foreign person/emigrant on the street, who has conspicuous differences
compared your natives?

I feel myself unsafe.

I feel myself uncomfortable.

I am curious.

I accept them.


What do you think about your government’s
policy about the migration crisis?

I am against it.

I am disagreed with it.

I am agreed with it.

I am favour of it.


Are you interested in adventures into
other cultures?

Totally no.

Rather not.

Rather yes.

Totally yes


How do you describe your openness of

Subjective answer.


The last question gives us a subjective
answer. A program looking for positive and negative meanings, then calculate an
average score which helps us to make reasonable data.

1 http://tev.hu/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/PossibilitiesToCounteractExtremistDiscourse.pdf