I saw two unicorns At play In a former life

I saw two unicorns
At play
In a former life,
When I had
Three good sons
And a doting wife.
The unicorns were
Gambolling free
Inside the forest
Between many
A tall tree.
But then
The call came
That a flood
Was on the way.
I looked up
To Heaven
And I heard God say,
“You must build a
Floating house, a zoo,
And bring in all
The animals that you
Can find,
Two by two,
For they still
Need to breed.
And they will
Be counting
On you.”
“But, my Lord,”
I replied,
“What do I
Know about
A boat,
Let alone one
That will float?
What do I know
About sheep
Or goats,
Or badgers
Or stoats?”
“Oh, old man,
I hear your
But, just like
The rest of us,
You will
Have to learn.”
So, with the help
Of my sons,
We chopped down
Some trees.
We were at it
Until will sank
To our knees.
Over weeks and weeks
We built that
Huge Ark,
And then the rains came
To turn the
Sky dark.
Quickly, my sons
And their wives too,
Gathered up all
The animals
Two by two.
My own lady
Called out to me
“Where are you?”
To which I
Called back,
“I am looking
All about
For those
They are still here,
I have no doubt.”
But, alas, by the time
All the other species
Had gone on board,
There were
No unicorns
Among the hoard.
As time passed us by
We had to flee,
For the flood was
Upon us.
And so, you see,
The unicorns
Got locked out
And, as we sailed away,
We all saw them
Still at play,
Not realising what
Their fate may be –
And why you have
Never seen a
To this very day.