I play for students to be able

I promote physical development by having outdoor play for students to be able to run around and play. For example, I will choose riding tricycles because it requires the student to use upper and lower body strength as well as hand and eye coordination when maneuvering the tricycle. These helping students have growth in their physical development. Also, I will have music movement activities in the morning at morning meeting, for example, when students come in to class in the morning they are able to stretch and move their bodies, so they can get their mind ready for the day. I know that making sure children have a healthy physical development is important because, it is a vital developmental milestone for children and being able to enjoy it.
I help develop the children’s cognitive skills by preparing age appropriate learning activities to enrich their learning environment. For example, in literacy centers, alphabet matching cards helps support student’s cognitive development by mixing up the letters and images and encouraging the students to look and identify the right cards that match together. Also, another way I help develop children’s cognitive skills, is by having students go into transitional centers that has learning activities like math. For example, children will have to sort out objects to that specific number they have to apply it to. To add on, doing sing-along songs and encouraging children to sing along and memorize the songs. For example, during morning meeting we will sing little songs that they can recall and be able to sing and do-little movements with it. Its important to help develop a child’s cognitive skills, because they can be able to use trial and error, but soon enough they will be able to memorize and learn.

I foster communication in my classroom by encouraging them to talk to talk to each other when they are having situations, instead of always going to tell the teacher. For example, I would ask them open ended questions, so they can be encouraged to use their words like “what is wrong” or “Can you tell me what you drew about”. I also encourage children to retell stories that read in reading centers. For example, I let them use a flannel board to retell a story in their own words like “The Three Little Pigs” or “The Hungry Caterpillar”. Moreover, by adding pictures and words to labels on shelves and toys, can help them know where everything is placed. For example, if a child needs to get glue out of the art center they can be able to look at the picture of the glue-stick even if they can’t spell the word glue they know what it is by the image. I think its important to have communication a big part of the children’s lives because, it helps promote and support language and sharing in the classroom.

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