I Education did damaged her entitlement to protection

do not believe that the Board of Education violated the rights of Mrs. Pettis. Amateurish
(unprofessional) conduct lead can be a precarious subject because present day
society everybody has their own conclusion on each circumstance. Mrs. Pettit
was accused of having oral sexual with three (3) men, which is againt the law
in California.

 The Board of Education did damaged her
entitlement to protection since what she did outside of work with had nothing
to do with her work life. Once she got arrested that made her private life
become public.

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they right in terminating her? I trust so completely in light of the fact that
her direct action affected the school, the district, and the Board of
Education. Each business has the privilege or right to dismiss you on the off
chance that you expedite hurt or opposition to his or her image. Beyond, any
doubt Mrs. Pettit’s security was ruptured however once the data was made open
it unquestionably influenced the association. 
For instance, a Hoover High School teacher by the name of Teddi Butcher
was accused of using a racial slur at a student in her class by telling the
student to turn that N-word music off. After the superintendent interviewed the
five (5) students who witness Mrs. Butcher using the N-word, the Hoover Board
of Education (HBOE) approved her resignation. Now her action has hurt the image
of the school and community.  Another reason
would be is the conduct moral or part of Code of Business Conduct approach of
the association (The Board of Education). 
Each association has a COBC arrangement that a representative consent
to, it works as a directing guideline for all conduct anticipated from representatives
that is moral to the norms of the association. I trust that once Mrs. Pettit was
taken into custody that she was in discard with the Code of Business Conduct of
the association and she had the privilege to be terminated.

conduct was not amateurish in light of the fact that in the event that it was
not occurring at work. Certainly, this was going on in her private life and she
was a very dedicated teacher. Was the conduct indecent? I trust that the
conduct was certainly corrupt, on the grounds that my definition to shameless
is to intentionally damage acknowledged practices by society of good and bad.
At the point when a child is growing up you show them what is good and bad.
Educators are good examples for kids, how they act, and how they instruct is a
major piece of their childhood. It is an instructor’s duty to be moral and
being an ethically decent educator is a piece of it. On the off chance if I was
I was a parent of a child that was in Mrs. Pettit’s class, I would have an
issue her instructing my child as a result of the data that has approached. On
the off chance that there would be any percent shot of my little girl taking in
her perspectives on sexual wants, not saying that she would show anything like
that, I would not need my girl to be instructed by her. I don’t have anything
against her perspectives, on the grounds that everybody has a privilege to
their sentiment. I don’t trust Mrs. Pettit was fit to educate once her business
was out in the open.

feel that all instructors/teachers should be held to a higher good standard
outside the classroom because they have essential part in our general public
and should be good examples. For children who originate from poor homes, they
admire their instructors/teachers because they are the only people they see
positive things through.  

five (5) behaviors that I believe would show unprofessional or immoral conduct
for a teacher is:

Bias Behavior

 We are all subject to bias behavior, but
instructors/teachers should try very hard not to be bias. Implicit bias is a
behavior that arise from your subconscious associations that will contradict
someone’s values. Implicit bias plays a role in many classrooms with
devastating effects.  

Discourteous Behavior

should reframe from emotional abuse to student. They should reframe from
shouting, using vulgar language, humiliating and negatively labeling the
student as stupid, ugly foolish and etc. This kind of behavior will students
thinking they are what the teacher says.

Segregation Behavior

 Separating children by race, sex or class should
never be done in a teacher’s classroom. This only make the children resentment in
their hearts. These children can grow up and have resentment against each
other, then we will have hate crimes in the country, which is a huge problem

Inappropriate Behavior

and out of the classroom, teachers must not show inappropriate behavior. They must
show kids that it is inappropriate to lie, steal, and cheat because what children
see adults do, they will try or grow up and do.

Insensitive Behavior

of the time insensitive people aren’t aware that their behaviors are perceived as
such. Teachers should never be lacking to the insensitivity to the feeling of children
because children need to feel that the teacher is listening to them and not ignoring

Pettit fought the loss of her license all the way to the California Supreme
Court, which upheld the decision of the Board of Education. (Shaw, 2014, p.
343).   The Board of Education was correct to fire Mrs.
Pettit because her action was a criminal act that brought shame to the school and