I problem. If this problem still continues,

I am going to respond
to article that I have read. The article were in the News Straits Times on
September 2017 about “Human Responsible for Plight of Elephant” by S.M Mohd
Idris and on November 2017 about “Bornean Pygmy Elephant Found Dead with
Gunshot Wounds in Sabah” by Poliana Ronnie Sidom. When I read the title of the
articles, I wondering where is human sympathy? What mistake does the elephant
do to humans? This question triggers me to respond to this paper. As we know Sabah
is the state that have a lot of reserved forest. According to Sayang Sabah
2014, chief Minister of Sabah Datuk Seri Musa Aman, “A total of two million
hectares of Commercial Forest Reserve (Class II) is under the Long Term License
Agreement (SFMLA) in line with Sabah’s Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)
policy”. We can assume that state of Sabah are really care about the forest
welfare. The issues here is why the animal especially elephant still do not get
proper protection?


According to the
article in the New Straits Times on September, 22 elephants rescued in the past
seven years, but many cannot survive. This shows that the number of elephant
died in Sabah is increasing. It is because their habitat has been destroyed by
humans and they become human hunts. I believe that shrinking forest area and
large-scale encroachment on elephant corridors are the main factors behind this
problem. If this problem still continues, the elephants will become animals
that are almost extinct as other animals in Malaysia such as malayan tiger, tapirus
and malayan orang-utan. What I see here, humans disturb the elephant habitat by
expanding palm trees and causing elephants to feel threatened then humans sees elephant
as enemy while the human being
becomes the cause. I agree with the suggestion contained in this article which
has been proposed by Sahabat Alam Malaysia. They said “Oil palm plantation
companies should create and run a protection system of conservation in their
concession areas, and assist the Sabah Wildlife Department to arrest workers
convicted of poisoning or killing elephants”. This suggestion will help to
protect and decreasing numbers of dead and orphaned elephants in Sabah. I
emphasize here that human is not the only life on this earth.

Next, I also agree with
the author about the law. The government and wildlife authorities should take
seriously the wildlife law in Sabah to reduce crime against wildlife from
widespread and aim to give a lesson to the illegal hunters. The government has to impose severe penalties so
that this issue is taken seriously by all levels of society. According to the
second article on November, Elephant ivory hunting activities are still
widespread in Sabah. The discovery of elephant carcasses indicates that
responsible parties need to tighten control over areas that are often happens.
Poaching to get elephant ivory should be stopped to keep ecosystems and animal
chains stable. The way to eliminate poaching is to eliminate black markets by offering
high prices for enzootic goods that attract people to continue to persecute
wild animals. Our human being is
ragged with money so that they are willing to kill innocent animals.


Lastly, I would like to
point that God has created animals as living beings with us in which they must
be treated with care. Animals cannot
distinguish between right and wrong but they have the instincts God has given
to continue his life journey. Animal is a creature like us, we have to be
compassionate and compassionate towards them. We need to defend the rights of
animals because they also have the right over this earth. We need to keep their homes so they do not disappear
from this world.