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How to Find Online Coupon Codes
While most shoppers love the idea of saving as much money as possible, not everybody will go through trouble to look for online coupons. That requires leaving the current shopping page and venturing all over the internet to find discounts that will not always work. Looking for coupons is very easy, yet so many people forgo those ready savings and instead rush to check out the product they like.

While retailers create coupons to attract shoppers their way, they also deliberately try to make looking for those discounts at least a bit inconvenient. Retail websites are designed to take the shopper through shopping and then the actual buying as quickly as possible, without taking a break to look for promo codes and then possibly changing the mind about the whole buying. The best practice is to have a coupon code ready before even starting to shop.

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Coupon codes save money a few different ways. Some will give you free shipping, others will shave a portion of total purchase, while the third kind will give some dollars off a single item. Some online stores choose to have their coupons readily available on the website, while others try to be less open and will require their customers to search for discounts off site.
Modern shoppers have no trouble finding websites who specialize in providing coupon codes for thousands of retailers even if the store itself does not display any coupons. Their business model is to provide active coupons and links that will take their shoppers directly to desired retailer and give access to secret little advertised promotions. Lots of coupon sites provide information about the success rate of each coupon.

The variety of online sites providing coupon codes is daunting, but not impossible to navigate. Everybody is seeking to provide the best and the most up to date coupons, meaning that coupon codes will vary from site to site. It is important to not trust just one provider, but pick a few and compare. Some websites choose to focus on groceries and electronics, while others provide a very wide range of retailers. Overall, electronic discount hunting is a lot faster than finding and clipping paper coupons.

Best Ways to Find Online Coupons
There is no one uniform way of finding best coupons online. Some people choose to go via search engines while others travel straight to coupon sites. Once the retailer or the brand is known, it doesn’t really matter which way the search will be conducted. It’s important to have a way to write down found coupon codes or save them on the computer.

The best variety of coupons will probably come from search engines. It’s important to use as many keywords as possible. Type retailer’s name and then add “promo code”, “coupon code”, and “discount code”. Such wide search will definitely yield plenty of results for comparison.
Another way to find coupons is using aggregated coupon codes and price comparison tools. The browser has these tools built in or added on and will show coupons when the shopper will go to certain retailers while shopping. According to research, this coupon tool is the best and most accurately targeted way to find coupons. Going through normal shopping pattern will automatically trigger merchant specific coupons to show up on the browser and save a lot of time. Priceblink displays coupon codes immediately after landing on a merchant site, while Honey and Coupons at Checkout show coupons during the checkout.
It’s always a good idea to not limit oneself to just one way of finding coupons. Having browser add on tools is great, but it makes sense to use search engines at the same too. Some caution should be used to make sure that multiple coupon tools are not used simultaneously as they tend to cause problems and confusion interacting with each other.

Experienced coupon users often have a few favorite coupon sites and forgo search engines altogether. This path might prevent finding the largest coupon variety, so it is recommended to use more than one site. There are a few good ones to choose from, especially when looking for specific discount code. We picked three good ones.

RetailMeNot is a coupon giant. In addition to 500,000 coupons form 50,000 retailers, the site has an app and a deal section. This website is well organized, displays hot deals, has clearly marked categories, provides real time data, verifies coupons, shows success rates, and has an option to leave comments for other users. Despite all the available information, it’s still best to search the site by merchant’s name.
SlickDeals is another site worth attention. It incorporates user community to share deals. The site management edits and cleans coupons to better serve the purpose. The site is a social effort where users vote on the most popular coupons affecting their display order. In coupon section, the deals can be searched by store or by category. SlickDeals provides information about most popular, expired, active, and member uploaded coupons. Based on their search, users can also find suggestions for similar retailers. And finally, coupons contain explanation about how to use them.

Offers.com is also on the list for coupon hunters. This site specializes in hourly update on coupons, so their coupons always work. Thanks to great technology, the site boasts 10,000 retailers and offers browsing by category, date, product, or by individual merchants. The site collaborates with stores and gets a lot of exclusive codes which will not be found anywhere else.