Hunter 1 Kira Hunter B. Stubbs EDUC

Hunter 1
Kira Hunter
B. Stubbs
EDUC 1300.2103
3 February 2018 Path to Success Analysis Paper
A student faces numerous difficulties that can obstruct them from performing well in school. These problems can be managed more easily if they are distinguished early on and a plan is created to help students overcome them. Two obstacles that could affect the outcome of my education are time management and receiving support from family and friends.
College is a very demanding environment and without the time to properly manage my course load it will be extremely challenging to be successful in college. This is a very big issue for me personally. Because my parents do little to support me, I have to work to make enough money to reasonably pay for my education and living expenses, which makes college that much more stressful. I know that without good time management skills it will be very hard for me to have enough time for both school work and my job. For example, my grades could start to fall behind if I do not have adequate time for studying or completing my assignments, creating more unnecessary stress. There are some ways to overcome this issue. One thing I could do is come up with a study plan and follow it through. I could consider my work hours and my school hours to make sure they do not conflict with each other and that I’m not overworking myself. I could also set specific hours aside designated to studying and finishing homework on time. Another solution to this problem would be to work less hours or stop working all together and potentially apply for financial aid or take out student loans. This isn’t what I want to do, but if the stress of time management becomes too much it may be necessary in order to continue my education.
Hunter 2
Although my family and friends support my decision to pursue a college degree, they do little in the way of helping me and are not very sympathetic of the problems it presents. I think this is in part because they have never attended a college or university, so they have a harder time understanding my struggles in relation to it. Being a first generation college student gives me a huge sense of pride, but it also has many setbacks. My parents know little about how college works so I’ve been mostly on my own throughout the enrollment process and figuring out how to make things go smoothly during my college experience. On the other hand, despite being a fulltime student, my friends don’t seem to easily comprehend why I can’t hang out all the time or how important studying and homework are to my overall education, causing them to become more distant rather than supportive. One way I could tackle these issues is by trying to better explain my situation in order to help them grasp why these things are important and what my education means to me. I could also try to express more often how I am feeling and give them suggestions on what they could do to help me with the difficulties I’m facing.
In conclusion, if I thoroughly prepare myself and do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles that I’m facing, I can take control of my own education. Bad time management and a lack of support can be difficult problems, but both can be easily solved if I figure out a plan ahead of time rather than after It’s too late. I will make solid plans to fix time management issues and get better moral support from my family and friends. Creating a specific plan and being aware of my obstructions from the start is extremely important to my education. My success in college is very valuable to me and I will not let these issues take hold of it.