Human even makes better decisions and predictions

Human beings have spent lots of time creating robots, and machines, but are now afraid that technology will replace them by doing all the jobs originally done by people. Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) even makes better decisions and predictions than humans, so people need start learning new skills to ensure that they will be ready to meet future challenges. As technology become more sophisticated and machines become more user-friendly in the 21st century, humans will be required to have higher-level education and thinking skills. This essay will discuss how AI will impact on our future and the predictions for technology. Secondly, I will talk about education, which plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Next, I will discuss two main skills that we need to stay employable in the future: creative thinking and technological literacy skills. Finally, recommendations for the students who are curious about what they should study in college to ensure future employment.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Technology influences everyone’s daily life and not surprisingly, there will be more new technology and robots developed. There are both advantages and disadvantages. For example, factories install electronic robots to make the whole process more efficient, but the disadvantage is that there will be lots of people losing their jobs. According to the Bank of England’s chief economist, “80m US and 15m UK jobs might be taken over by robots” (Mahdawi, 2017). However, the invention of personal computer also creates 18.5 million jobs “even when accounting for jobs lost” (Vincent, 2017). It means that technology is not reducing works but destroying jobs. In other words, people should focus on the core concept of what they learn and keep absorbing different knowledge from different works. If we do not make changes, humans will be replaced by robots in short period, as stated in Forrester Research, “25 million jobs might disappear over the next ten years” (Lee, 2017). Spyros Makridakis, a professor of the University of Nicosia UNIC, noted that “humans may be reduced to second-rate status” because AI makes fewer mistakes and gives us better information and decisions than human beings (Makridakis, 2017). Therefore, we should focus more on the crucial thing that sets people apart: education.

The Basics of Everything: Education

An appropriate high-level education could lead people to different future. Lots of big and famous companies require the degree of bachelor or master as the lowest threshold to be admitted, a research stated that “Without a college degree, typical employees will struggle to climb the economic ladder and may well find themselves slipping down the rungs” (Aoun, 2017); hence, having a high-level education will impact a person’s entire life. The society have changed, people who are only graduated from high school will no longer find a job. Besides, education has always been a link that government attaches great importance to. Sometimes people even determine a country’s development level by their education level. Aoun said that “higher education is the usher of progress and change” (Aoun, 2017). If we really want to make changes to combat the future, start changing the traditional education style and learn some skills which can make you adapt to the workplace more successful.

The skill we need: Ability of Creativity ; Technological Literacy

The skills that we need to learn depends on what era we were born and what’s the demand of this society. The first essential skill is creative thinking, which modern people are missing. According to Martin Ford, a futurist and author, noted that computers can recently paint an original art on their own. Although humans are now the most creative and innovative species on earth, he cannot guarantee that robots will not be the best entity at creating things in twenty years (Mahdawi, cited in Ford, 2017). The fact is that people act like machines when they just “read scripts and clicking screens” (Lee, 2017). Those people whose jobs are repetitive will have a higher risk to lose their jobs since robots could do those, too. Recently, humans sit on their chairs and stay in offices doing their work, and that is destroying their imagery and creativity ability. Dreaming is the differences between humans and robots, (Lee, 2017). If we stop thinking and keep working on simple-task every day, jobs will be taken over by robots easily. We should “be aware of invention, creativity, and innovation” (Binkley et al., 2011). Therefore, solve the problems by thinking actively, and create changes, because our imaginations are creating new products, or even industries (Lee, 2017).

The second skill is technological literacy, which plays an important role in future workforce. Technological literacy is about “coding and basic engineering principles” (Aoun, 2017). Phones and computers are devices which almost every person has one, but only few of them
know how the devices operate. We all understand that the world is full of automation and machinery, so it is crucial to have skills related to technology. Additionally, technological literacy skill is the key concepts of every device and machine. However, coding and engineering program should be added into high school education to enhance students’ vision of the upcoming challenge.

Recommendations for the Future

Lots of students are curious about what jobs and subjects should they choose when they need to make decisions. There are some specific jobs that will probably disappear in the future, such as telemarketing and tax preparation. Sometimes, our parents said that we should choose a subject we like or a job that we are interested in, but we will gradually realize that the world does not work like that anymore. Doing things that we like cannot afford the money we spent every day. Thus, the job which include “genuine creativity” like artist and scientist, or the job that include “complicated relationships with people”, such as a nurse, could stay employable in the future (Mahdawi, 2017). We should look at the big picture, not the current profit that we can easily get.


To conclude, we cannot stop the evolution of technology. We can only refine ourselves and do our best. Humans create robots and AI technology to make our lives easier, not complicating it. We should learn how to stay one step ahead of AI by learning new skills. Human beings are still best at creating things, but that should not be the reason which stops us moving forward. Hence, looking at the big picture will be the best solution for all the people who have no idea what they are aiming for their career. Last but not least, recognise the value of ourselves and enhance the ability which we are weak at; therefore, we can change the world.