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Nationalism is an extreme form of patriotism marked by feeling of superiority over others countries. Nationalism is basically the homogenous culture ideology and values. Basically nationalism is started in the end seventeenth century but before people were living in their local town, kingdom and even religion. The nation started with treaty of west philia in 1658.It is actually ended the 30 year war between Holy Roman Empire and various German group.
Historically if we review can see that in those ages people have been much attached to their soil and traditions of their parents and established territorial authorities. But at the end of 18th century nationalism were began to generalize. It’s an ideology that tries to explain the individual’s interest.
The nationalism is based on religion, the nationalism ideology has been defined feeling of belonging among individual of nation and based on religion and it was unified on base of religion to create a single national identity and initiate with Islam as single relation. It’s all about identity, culture tradition political power and state possessing and most powerful container of politics. This paper is discussing the nation in Pakistan an various aspect term of it ethnic problem and media.
Basically Pakistan is multi authentic state because it province is associated with linguist group such as Punjab is associated with Punjabi ,Sindh is associated with Sindhu, and Baluchistan is associated with Baluchistan and Khyber pakhtoon kha is associated with pistons.
The Quaid e azam the founder of Pakistan was very much favor of Muslim and want to construct to one nation that was completely based on principle of one nation, one language and one culture .In the establishment of Pakistan faced many difficulties and problem of national issue and identity.
Nationalism is a modern ideology that tries to explain the individual’s devotion to the nation interest. It has taken many different shapes in various geographies, cultures, histories, and political systems. Even in a particular location, nationalism has transformed from one form to another throughout history. The core of nationalism is nation. What constitutes a nation is a question scholars are still trying to clarify by using approaches developed throughout the ages. Not only political science but also other branches of the humanities are trying to understand the concepts of nation and nationalism. The current technological innovations and rapid globalization have added new dimensions to nationalism and its movements. Each day brings a new peculiarity of nationalism.

Pakistan nationalism focus only on religion which is actual basis of existence of the country but on the unity of lingual ethnic group and religious nationalism can only be source of uniting the people of Pakistan.
To creating the nationalism of country and promotion of country we should focusing on th major thing
• First ownership of land people ,resources and culture of country
• Text book particularly on school level focus and teaching the student worth of country.
• Reforming country political culture professionalism attitude, behavior and program of political parties

Nationalism is process of formation or, growth of nation.
A sentiment and feeling of belonging to nation.
Nationalism is social and political movement on the behalf of nation.

In Pak the role of media is very important and critical because of solidarity. Pakistan is changing with passage of time and grant influence on media.
Press media is very active rather than electronic media in analyzing the problem of issue of national integrity and solidarity that is core issues of Pakistan and its generating the public awareness and electronic media is missing the influence of creating nationals values.
Today nationalism is not result of reemergence from past rather integral and self-reliant. The ideology of nationalism of Pakistan different from ideology of ninetieth and twentieth century. Today world nationalism is very influence by global trend, the process of globalization occurs at the both systematic level and social integration.
The systematic level is refer to economy technology and communication and other side the social level is the integration is life world.
The modern ideology of nationalism is taking from the account of political system r reaction and different number of national development. The media is finding the different way through which people of Pakistan is making the successful transition of democracy.

1: How media play a role in nationalism of Pakistan?
2: Which is source of media in promoting nationalism?


Media is playing vital role to promote nationalism in Pakistan by national days and different programs through d.

The Relationship between rapidly developed from past last of the most prominent issue in field of media and communication. The radio, internet and newspaper, tv are well connected with nationalism with national consciousness. The gradual weakening of nation state and national attachment have been developing due to development of communication technology and introduction of television especially and worldwide have fueled hope in creation of interconnected world community . Media play an important role in nationalism of Pakistan and focusing on electronic and print media.


Nationalism of Pakistan has been defined the feeling of belonging of language religion and ethnic origin .The Pakistani nationalism is based on ideology of Islam and it is initiated as single religion. The Muslim of India were altogether and to make the national identity on the name of Islam..
Generally Nationalism in most terms is all about identity, culture, traditions, political powers, and it is the most powerful container of politics. Alternatively, nationalism is the identification of individuals in a group with a political entity. It is defined in national terms, that is, a nation. This paper is telling about the nationalism in Pakistan and its various aspects in terms of its.
Earlier describe that newspaper, radio, and TV, as well as Internet are connected with national consciousness and nationalism. In today’s world we see that mass media is playing important role in integration citizen and nationalism and people can get common information through media.

The process of mass communication are developing with nation state building day by day.
The sharing of information about the country it will give promote nationalism and it influence people not only superficial level but most profound one. In our country there are more than forty channel which are promoting nationalism like they do different programs religious speeches, political talk show and news everywhere television is very friendly is address national minorities
Pakistan has observed many different changed with the passage of time there is great influence of media. Solidarity and national integrity is basically the core issue of Pakistan, the media is analyzing the problem by generating the public awareness.

In Pakistan the chain of media is created was response the board project of patriotism and nationalism from those some of them was remarkable for political independent of Pakistan.
Pakistan is basically was very close to first ownership structure of newspaper at national level

Some of recommendation which can play important role in nationalism

1: Education system: should be based on Pakistan not on western or other country. It will be on true spirit of Pakistani nationalism. Through nationalistic curriculum of school the mind of our generation should be eradicated from the notion provisonlis and separatism.

2: Justice: Justice is the one of motive at the birth of Pakistan to promote nationalism at which people support to agree for Islamic state.

3: National anthem: The nationalism can also be strengthen and promote when in any organization and institution start its day with recitation of national anthem.
4: Motivational Programs: The motivational program can also very beneficial for the promotion of nationalism .The organization and institution should organize seminars and motivational programs for their employees.

Therotical field encompassed by studies of nationalism historically emerged and is currently situated it is not easy for nationalism to elude easy categorization one of the reason for this that its never received

While journalists and their organizations are struggling hard to win the liberties and rights for media, they failed to focus sufficiently on the improvement of professionalism and the quality of journalism. Various journalists in Pakistan have been shot to dead from an estimate of two thousand during 2002 to ten thousand during 2010.
Most journalists of Pakistan are not trained to interpret, investigate and analyze the difficult issues relevant to the politics, conflicts etc. because of the presence of inappropriate academic and professional expertise. In fact, the exaggeration is one of the basic elements affecting the news reporting of Pakistan and the Urdu media relies widely on the exaggeration. One of the fundamental reasons of such specific attribute Urdu media of that are psychological and sociocultural sensitivities linked with the audience.

Media is playing the negative role in country .its propagating the negative image of country in world .Pakistan media is some time creating the environment of hopelessness by presenting the bleak picture of country to the people.
Media is also involving in the terrorist activities indirectly by spreading the news of violence and by promoting the hate speeches and talk show that is give rise to public unrest.
Repeat telecast and news bulletin of terrorism and violence also raise fear in the mind of people. It’s giving information to terrorist for plaining. The information providing the back bone for their terrorist activities.
Our anchor sometimes divert the attention of people from the real issue and highlight those issues which are disrepute the society. The people who are in the out of country they compelled to think that Pakistan is ill cultured and fraudulent and dis honest people are living.
The media is covers sometimes those stories for those who are giving more rating and give opinion to those who pay more.
Most importantly media is telling the news all day and every day the one news on the single issue for example the minor blast news and ignore the news which is more significant for people’s lives.
The fashion and glamour on media is also tools of diminish the Pakistani culture and people follow the foreign ideology and whole nation when nation falls generation falls.
The media is source of information but this all things but now media became source of mere money.
Media should play the role proper, if the media will not the whole country suffer and problem will get worse and media shouldn’t ignore the real issue so that solution of any problem can be possible.
The media should educate the people and help the people. Media is pillar of democratic country and its play the significant role the national prosperity of country
It is obligation for media that tell those information to public and aware those issue which shouldn’t depict the negative part of our country.


Chapter: 1 Introduction
Chapter:2 Social media
Chapter3 Electronic
Chapter 4 Conclusion and Recommendation


The newspaper is the part of daily life. the print media was started after the independence of Pakistan the daily newspaper tell us about the daily and latest news about the country by reading the news we know each and every Thing that is what is happing in our the passage of time literacy is increasing the role of print media is also increasing .
Print media print all the news of country daily weekly and monthly.
The print media is primarily play the in nationalism of Pakistan .people can get the information about the country and in this way they know about the update and promote nationalism for our country .print media is playing the role national cohesion.
The printing press and its associated social, economics and culture practices produce nationalism. The print media is tool in which people know the all update information about various topic like sports, economic, whether .stock market about the country.

The population of Pakistan is 60% consisted in rural areas in which there no facilities of electronic media and an social media in those places print media play important role in nationalism of Pakistan .people are connected through print which is very significant in the promotion of nationalism in country
Since its creation of Pakistan the major development in the factor and evolution of media. The close relationship with print media and Pakistan movement one can easily identify it easily .print media is major force for national cohesion and served as mouth piece of Muslim .there are different print media group are related to different issues are discussing.
The presentation also highlighting the future prospectus and economics, technological and political factor old word dependent form of media.
There are various print media group are working in the Pakistan which are promoting the nationalism in the country
There are operating in Pakistan which are under as fellows

The dawn group of newspaper the company was founded in 1941 by Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
Its flagship publication the daily Dawn was first published in 1947 from already independent Pakistan.
Their trademarks is secular and tolerant approach some of the burning issue in Pakistan’s society.

Commonly know the JANG group it was established in 1942 in Delhi by MIR KHALIL UR REHMAN.
The group flagship publication in Urdu language newspaper Daily Jang which is printed from six station across the country. The group also publishes arguably is the second largest newspaper The News.
The are many magazine
• Akhber e jehan
• Weekly English fashion magazine
• The news on the Sunday


Established in 1940 by Hamid Nizami
Father of Pakistan journalism and it is started in Lahore
Nawa I waqt was defined as the self-appointed custodian ideology of Pakistan.


The daily express news founded on 3 September 1998 is one of the Pakistan widely circulated Urdu language newspaper


The daily times news group launched in 2009 April 9
It is simultaneously published from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. The paper is owned by late governor of Punjab Salman Taseer


Social media is enabling the role of rise in nationalism of Pakistan and also world largest democracy across the globe.
Social media is very useful in which people can easily give opinion about the country it’s promote the nationalism of Pakistan. The social media is spreading the ideas of concern they are various groups are there in which people are motivate the love for the country
, “Social media is basically the key to our ability to get our message out. We don’t have TV stations, we don’t have radio stations, and we’re not mainstream. We rely on social media.”
Social media allow people to express their views in which people can promoting the nationalism in the country. They are most of people in our country those aren’t educated but they can easily access to WhatsApp, Facebook through which they get information
Social media not only connected the people but it promote the national building of country.
Social media is political debate and national identity in Pakistan.
Pakistan nationalism is the particularly intersect the digital media culture. The use of social media give the new dimension to the virtual nationalism. Social media enable the identity and expression and experimentation .through social media the ability of individual citizen opinion publish and circulate. It play a role to polish nationalism.
In the past years if you want to tell the views about you have to reach the journalist.
And if you want to reach the public you should write the newspaper and give it to editing board for publishing the newspaper so that’s why you are form of control.
But today the use of Facebook twitter anybody can say that whatever they want to say.
Toady more than 50% world population on internet connection this means that people are able to present their views online and they can easily either negative and positive thoughts.
People are using these even government is also using these tools to express views
Through the social media people are different people are connected from different region of Pakistan so it promote the nationalism of national cohesion.
Social media is playing the essential role and Facebook is most social networking website that is boosting all over the world and increasing the number of user around the world join the social networking.
Social media is also promoting the nationalism by like the pages of nationalism or different website .they people can get more touched with these and brotherhood and selfness for one another . the national anthem on Facebook and motivational programs is also raise the nationalism in the country most of people get attached they increasing the love for homeland .when are person are setting out of country they connected through the social website and they became friend just because they have same nationality and this way social media is very helping to promote the nationalism of country.
80% nationalism is promoting through face book group, and patriotic page.


Television is started in Pakistan in that time Pakistan television only channel available to the viewers for a few hours every day. Where a Board of Governors appointed by the Government of Pakistan, controls its affairs. The Managing Director, also appointed by the Government of Pakistan. The early channel of Pakistan are under.
These are some private channel of Pakistan
Electronic media is communication through people connected and get information. The electronic media is primarily are radio television, video recording and internet streaming. The growth of electronic media is very rapid in Pakistan .electronic media impact on public significantly. The problem of Pakistan national cohesion an integration by the electronic media the issue can easily be analyzed. The media id growing fast and it easily can be impact on this problem. The nationalism of Pakistan only means establishing the bonds that is bind the population in common social and, political and state hood and sense of identity together. The media is playing the important role in nationalism of Pakistan as they are promoting Pakistan culture and they are giving news about Pakistani this will create the on the mind of people the nationalism of Pakistan. The electronic media is effective tools globally and home favorable and unfavorable attitude of people to desire achieve objective.
The electronic media is influence the people life and playing important role in nationalism of Pakistan stay as fourth pillar of democracy.
The media is promoting the culture of mutual tolerance. The electronic media has positive impact on the various social regime and promotion of nationalism of Pakistan.
Media is playing important role in our daily activities in our daily life like health care, education, entertainment, travelling and everything we have to do.
The media opportunities broken all the barriers across national boundaries.
The musical program play in television on national days and other days it will also people for the motivation of country love. The evolution of electronic media is impact the life of people.
There are some of the function of electronic media.
The primary function of media to information, educate influence, and entertain,
The brief description of function of media is discussed.
The primary function of media is provide the information to the people about the is arranging the information for the papulation.
The function of electronic media is educate the people it can aware the people to over various problem and development of society.
Electronic media is playing role to public influence and analyze the various national and international issue.
The electronic media playing important role to entertain the people.
The electronic media is rapidly been growing in the Pakistan the few year ago there was radio and state own T.V channel this was main source of information but with the passage of the time there was increasing in the T.V channel there are more than 72 channel which are different types of news drama and cartoon an food channel etc.
Most famous GEO,PTV,DUNIYA news ,AJJ dawn news and SAMMA news etc. the electronic media can better performance to provide good information to with its wider reach, private sector media is enormous educative and mobilizing role to play.
In Pakistan democratic country is freedom media is built the value of nationalism refer to area of politics language and culture and history. Media is transform rapidly grow and show the real picture of nationalism for Pakistan. The religion of Pakistan is part of Pakistani narrative.
The nationalist sentiment with economic prosperity and economic development.
The electronic media is growing and playing narrative role and altering the public opinion on specific issue, the media is often tried to high light culture institution and various economic issue. It’s often tries to find the crispy news to attract the people attention.
Media is showing the support activities and holding of national day parade and increasing the velocity of interaction among people and leave the positive role on national cohesion and such type of activities is playing the role in nationalism of Pakistan.

In above discussion I concluded that media is important to promote the nationalism in country. Media and nationalism most obviously on tangled in the time of war and conflict.
Media is play constructive role in the society
Nationalism of Pakistan is not created and established only by Independence Day or by symbolic measure but it need will, determination and commitment by grass level roots. Pakistan is established by millions of scarifies

Dr Moonis AhmerAugust 14, 2014
The writer is Meritorious Professor and Dean Faculty of Arts, University of Karachi
Author is Assistant Professor at Department of Geography, University of the
Punjab, Lahore – Pakistan.munawer saber
The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore and the author of the book Mr Jinnah: Myth and Reality. He can be contacted via twitter @therealylh and through his email address [email protected]
Nationalism and Pakistan
By Claire J. Hamed