Holden it is impossible for Holden to

Holden is telling his readers that he is healthy after mentioning that
he almost got tuberculosis. An example of irony is Holden’s conflict with
religion. He claims that he is an atheist, while on the other hand, he
considers his dead brother Allie to be in Heaven. Holden’s attitude toward
religion is unclear because he does not speak or behave as an atheist and yet
he declares himself as one. (Rosales, “Motifs, Symbolism and Irony”) Holdes
was, and still after his brother’s death, is fond of him because he loved him a
lot and he describes him as a saint. This is the reason why he is angry with
the world and everything around him – the loss of a family member. Moreover,
the way Holden speaks about Allie as a living being while he is buried in a
grave is also ironic. Not only does he mention that his brother’s soul is in
Heaven, but he also talks about his body still residing in the cemetery. Although
Allie is dead, he still is somewhere, and that is at the cemetery. According to
Holden Allie still lives on in a way because he knows that his soul is in
Heaven and he left a strong mark on Holden because he had many virtues. Therefore,
it is impossible for Holden to forget about Allie and consider him “completely”

Another instance of irony in the novel is the
way Holden talks about Christians. He sees most Christians as “phony” people
and he criticizes them, but on the other hand, he is very kind to the two nuns
he meets. (Taylor, 661) He does not swear in their presence, which is something
he does very often, but he appears surprisingly nice and composed. They delighted
him with their kindness and humbleness, and he has nothing but words of praise
for them. There are many times later on in the novel when Holden remembers them
and feels better when only thinks about them. He even gave ten dollars to their
collection and they were not even collecting money at that moment. That is the
proof that he saw a spark of hope in them. Of hope that good still exists in
the world. Holden blames Catholics for being introverted and does not realize
that he is no better because he also thinks about leaving his family and
distance himself from the rest of the world as well. His problem is that he
blames and criticizes others a lot, but does not notice his own flaws and
disadvantages. (Taylor, 661)

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Furthermore, it would be an irony to call
Holden sociable. Although he appears that way, most of the time he is extremely
lonely and does not succeed to strike up a proper conversation with people.
(Privitera, 204) For instance, when he stays in the hotel after leaving Pencey,
Holden dances with three ladies and he is very good at dancing, but when it
comes to speaking he more or less bores people. That is why the communication
between him and those ladies was quite bad. Holden also bores his roommate
Stradlater when they talk about Jane Gallagher. Stradlater gives him an obvious
hint that he is not interested to hear what was Jane like when she was younger
and what she and Holden used to play, but Holden still keeps on talking about