Hinduism india. The prophet of buddhism, lord buddha,

Hinduism and buddhism both have their roots from india. The prophet of buddhism, lord buddha, came from a hindu family. There are many similarities between the two of them. Hindus consider the buddha to be a part of the reincarnations of lord Vishnu. However, there are quite a few differences between them. Hinduism strongly believes in Atman the soul and Brahman. But in buddhism there is no concept of the self. Hindus believe in many deities. While buddha did not deny the existence of any god. Buddha preached that it is not good to seek something which someone is not aware of. During his first time in the human world , Buddha became upset about what he experienced and began to explain to people how life is full of bad things and the only answer to stop the sufferings were to seek Nirvana. Hinduism says that there is suffering in life, hindus believe that the negative things that happen is due to the previous actions of the person or karma. They believe the solution to bad things happening is by discovering Atman and Brahman. In Hinduism the believers pray to all natural things like stones or water. Buddhism only prays to the lord Buddha. In Hinduism there are many ways into seeking union with god. Things such as Raja Yoga or meditation. In buddhism a way to seek union with god is by following the 4 noble truths and the eightfold path to seek Nirvana. Both religions believe in spiritual practices of meditation.They also believe in detachment (leaving outside world). Hinduism follows vedas (hindu scriptures) while buddhism does not. In the yoga 8 limbs and samkhya(dualism), the first limb is Yama. Yama deals with someones ethical standards and sense of integrity. Yamas are practices that relate best to what we know as the golden rule,” do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Yama focuses on behavior and how we do better things in life. There are 5 yamas. The Buddha said he was enlightened after he learned about the four noble truths. The Buddhist Scripture is called the Dhammapada. The dhammapada is a anthology of buddhist verses. It is the words of Buddha. There are many chapters in the Dhammapada. ” following it, you put an end to suffering and stress i have taught you this path for knowing the extractions of arrows.”  Buddhism focuses on the negativity and all of the sufferings of this world. Hinduism focuses on how one can only enjoy life by seeking union with god.