Himmler in Final Solution. During the his speech,

Himmler was born on October 7,  1900 in Munich.His father Joseph Gebhard Himmler was a teacher, and his mother , Anna Maria Himmler, was a devout Roman Catholic .Born into a conservative family of  Roman Catholic .Himmler grew up with two brothers, Gebhard Ludwig and Ernst Hermann .He attended grammar school in Landshut; where  his father was the principal.Often  struggled in athletics. suffered from lifelong .stomach complaints and other minor ailments, and was often  bullied because of them.He got his first job as a Salesman in a firm that sold fertilizers.From 1919–1922, he studied Agronomy at the Munich Technical University Munich.What is the Holocaust- Greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire.” Lasting  from Jan 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945, the Holocaust was the murdering of  some six million European Jews,  also known as genocide by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany ,during World War II,Himmler was the Reich Leader of the dreaded SS of the Nazi party from 1929 until 1945.  During the Holocaust Himmler was not only the leaders of the SS, but he was also in charge of concentration camps in the East. He was next in charge under  Adolf Hitler. Although Adolf Hitler  held majority of responsibility  for the Holocaust, it was actually Himmler who formed the plan that led to the killings of six million European.  on October 4, 1943, , Himmler  addressed 100 SS and gave his thoughts of how his men, should hate anyone who was not of their own blood. The purpose of this speech was to motivate leaders of SS to engage in Final Solution. During the his speech, Himmler made his infamous statement that the ,”Final Solution was to be a never-to-be-written page in our history.” He also used the word  Judenevakuierung, which means evacuation of the Jews. Many people known him as,” The Man Of Evil” he got this name, because he was part of the reason why six million Jews were killed just for being who they are. He was In charge of Concentration camps where Jews were tormented to death. Himmler was Hitler’s ,”Right Hand Man.” Himmler held meetings and gave speeches to convince the soldiers  and other SS why they should  participate in the FInal Solution. Himmler was just as bad as Adolf Hitler if not worse.On May 23,  1945,  After being arrested for his actions Himmler committed suicide. Himmler was bit on a cyanide tablet inside  one of his teeth and died as a result.  Before being arrested, Himmler was searched and two cyanide phials were found in his possession.  It has been said that as the doctor was about to give Himmler a  thorough examination, he was bit. Himmler and Hitler both died of Suicide how Ironic!!  Himmler had a pretty decent childhood, ,being  raised in  a roman catholic church. It saddens me that he was responsible of killing six million Jews.  Jews were an inferior race,  to the  Germans jews were seen as a  threat to the racial purity and also community. It’s depressing to know that millions were killed just for being who they were. Jews had to do everything in secret including worshipping. I use to place the HolOcaust all on Adolf Hitler ,but as I have researched I have learned that Himmler was the person that planned the whole Genocide. Both men were the face of evil, and both were wrong for their actions. I’m sure both knew they were going to eventually be put to death. Both men were arrested and it’s also ironic how both Himmler and Hitler committed suicide.