Her blonde hair fell over her shoulder in

Her blonde hair fell over her shoulder in a fiery waterfall. She sat in the far back of the small cafe, carefully observing the strangers that passed through. Her pasty skin shone in bright contrast to her pitch black getup. Her eyes, vast and empty begging for help./She could see the barrista staring at her curiously, she wished he would talk to her. She wished anyone would talk to her. She has lived in an envelope of silence for so long that she had learned to coexist with it. She had always thought that there was something so hauntingly beautiful about it, like a gaping wound that can be filled with phrases and tunes, but we leave it open. It has always amazed her how a mere sentence could change the direction your life is heading in, that a single word could’ve changed history./ Oh how she craved the reassuaring words of another, telling her that she is beautiful, promising that she is not alone… But that never happend to people like her. You put on a black dress and suddenly you are shunned from humanity. She laughed to herself,  she could see the words spoken by these strangers pile up like tiny building blocks,slowly but surely trying to shrink the vast emptiness. The problem is, it is almost impossible to fill something that exists only in the absense of another./With every word that is spoken, one is left unspoken and the black abyss that exists in our silence widens a little bit more, swallowing us in the depths of what could have been. The only way to live with it’s crushing weight is to dive. You dive deeper and deeper, somehow learning to swim with the tide. You learn to deal with the presence of an alternative universe build by our silence, until one day you can no longer ignore it. It starts to consume you like a black hole, pulling you deeper until it dictates your very existence. Until you are stuck, always wondering how much power your unspoken words hold./A tear slides down her cheeck, her mind is a prison and she so badly wants to escape. She needed to scream, to cry, to breathe but she could not. She could not utter a single sound because in the denouement of this unscripted play, it always ends in silence.