Henry to school at the Detroit Business

Henry Ford Henry Ford was a very important person in history, he basically started the automotive industry. Most people know him for his revolutionary car, the Model T. Henry Ford didn’t make this car in one try, it took him years to perfect the Model T. Henry Ford never gave up, he always was always turning his fails into reasons to make the Model T better. Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” This means never give up even if it doesn’t work. Henry Ford was born in Greenfield Township, Michigan on July 30, 1863. Ford was raised by his parents, William Ford and Mary Litogot Ford. Ford had had two sisters that were named Jane Ford, and Margaret Ford. He also had two brothers that were named William Ford Jr., and Robert Ford. Ford went to school at the Detroit Business Institute to be Educated. Ford had a lovely wife named Clara Ala Bryant, and had a son named Edsel Ford. Edsel Ford later became the president of the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford didn’t really go to church, therefore he did not belong to a church and his political views are unknown. Because he did not have any religious or political views his company and inventions were not affected. When Ford first started making his cars he had a failure. Ford made a car called the Quadricycle. The Quadricycle was Ford’s first car, people don’t really know of the Quadricycle because it was full of mistakes and problems. Ford’s Quadricycle never made it to production. But Ford believed in himself and didn’t give up. Later then he started making more cars which also failed, but they went through production. Ford faced a lot of hardships while trying to perfect his cars, one hardship Ford faced was when he was working on his first automobile, the Quadricycle. Ford was trying to get the Quadricycle so fine tuned and perfected for William H. Murphy, a prominent businessmen as a financial backer, that a year and a half later Ford had nothing to show. This lead to William and the other stockholders to worry about Ford. This later lead to Ford’s company to be disbanded. Later in the 1900’s Ford got a second chance for his company. Ford started reflecting on his failure and then got back into business. Ford had many problems with his cars, but he always found a way to make them better. Another one of Ford’s hardship was when Ford first came out with the Model A, it was full of flaws. Ford had to send out mechanics all over the world to get the cars fixed. When the mechanics came back from fixing all the cars they had feedback for Ford from the customers. Ford used this feedback to make his cars better, and taking it as an inspiration to keep working hard. Ford finally got it together and made an affordable and perfect car called the Model T. The Model T sold for $850. The Model T was the first affordable car for the average American. Ford’s success in the Model T was greatly appreciated, and sales went through the roof for this car. The Model T was the beginning to a successful company for Ford. Henry Ford was a very important person in society. Without Henry Ford we might not have as advanced cars as we do today. Ford was applauded for his actions greatly by society because he made a new kind of transportation. Society has changed greatly by Ford’s invention. Society is better off with his invention because the automobile gets us placed faster, and everyone uses his invention, the automobile. As you can tell Henry Ford was a great person with a great invention. If Ford didn’t believe in himself and or quit after his first failure cars would not be as advanced as they are today. Henry Ford was a great person that deserves a lot of respect and fame. In the end you should thank Henry Ford for his accomplishment in the automotive industry every time you get in or out of a car.