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Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult
Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult
Cultural considerations are important during a health assessment due to the extreme diversity and ethic differences, which exists in a given population (Jarvis, 2015). It is important for healthcare practitioners to be culturally aware in their administration of healthcare services to individuals (Jarvis, 2015). Cultural considerations to remember while interviewing Ms. Li include carefully analyzing the status of the client who is a 20-year-old female patient from an Asian American background. This will include the cultural background of the patient and any influence from the American culture (Jarvis, 2015). This can be achieved by not drawing any conclusions rather allowing the patient to explain and disclose any important practice and information related to her current health status (Jarvis, 2015).
It is the duty of any healthcare professional to respect any information and practices of the client and not coerce the client into any practices, which she is not willing to engage in (Jarvis, 2015). Since English is the most common language in the United States, it is important to get information on the client on whether she understands the language clearly or if she will need an interpreter (Jarvis, 2015). The abuse assessment screen is an assessment tool designed to help in addressing domestic violence or abuse of a spouse during pregnancy by assessing the frequency and severity of the abuse. This tool involves patients answering questions related to any emotional, sexual, or physical abuse before and during pregnancy (Power, 2018).

This assessment requires a private conversation between a healthcare practitioner and the client where the client is free to give any information related to the abuse (Power, 2018). If abuse is discovered, the healthcare fractioned should take the necessary measures to prevent the client from experiencing more abuse from the abuser (Power, 2018). The nurse should also take a good approach to assist the client by involving the client in the decision-making process where the nurse explains to the client on the dangers of such behavior and ways of addressing such situations from the implemented guidelines (Power, 2018).

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