Have a thousand species are listed endangered all

Have you ever been outside at night and watched a frog? Or have you ever been fishing and saw a turtles head pop up?  In North Carolina these animals are becoming endangered along with whales , bats ,  red wolves , woodpeckers , flying squirrels and butterflies. Spreading awareness of endangered animals in North Carolina can be a start to helping this problem.Endangered animals are animals that are in danger of dying out either out in the wild or natural places such as their habitats. It all started in nineteen sixty seven when the first endangered species list included over seventy-two species of animals.  Now more than a thousand species are listed endangered all over the world. In order to be listed on the endangered species list a species has to lose about seventy percent of it’s population in the past ten years.  When Endangered animals are put on the endangered species list they are very likely to become extinct. Extinct animals means that they are dying out everywhere and have not been seen in the past fifty years. At the rate we are going by the mid century thirty to fifty percent of all animals are heading toward extinction. Animals can be added to the endangered list two different ways. First the public may petition for an animal to be on the endangered species list if it is thought to be declining. The scientist must then collect information from sources. Here are some criteria used to label species endangerment. First the present state or threatened destruction of its habitat. Second overuse of the land or their  habitat for commercial recreational sacrifices and or educational purposes. Lastly disease or a predation. Natural and manmade factors affects the animals survival which makes these animals endangered. If atleast one of these criteria are  met then the  United States Fish and Wildlife Service can begin to protect the endangered species and its habitat.                                                                                                                                            A question many people have when talking about endangered animals is what is the cause of animals becoming endangered? In North Carolina there are many reasons that animals become endangered. The two main reasons animals become likely for endangerment is the loss of their habitats , and the loss of genetic variation.The loss of habitats either happens naturally or by human activity. For example dinosaurs lost their habitat by a natural cause about sixty five million years ago. The hot dry climate reduced the amount of light and heat that reached earth’s surface. This then made it very difficult for the dinosaurs to adapt to this cool environment. Human activity also contributes to the loss of habitats by developing houses and agriculture.  Forested areas in North Carolina that are cleared to make room for neighborhoods and buildings are replanted with very little variations of exotic plants. These landscaped areas are poor quality habitat. As a result bird and butterfly species  cannot sustain their populations with these types of landscapes because they require habitats with diverse native plants. The destruction of these habitats are not intentional but unfortunately it is a result of industrial growth. For example the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Think about how many animals call this rainforest home. They are now clearing the Amazon rainforest for plantation , logging and urban use which affects many of the animals that were once there. Things such as these is what causes endangered animals. Animals on the edge of extinction or endangerment affects us way more than we realize. Endangered animals can be an important piece that prevents a struggling ecosystem from failing.For example if a flower is pollinated by one species of bee and the bee becomes endangered the flower will then begin to die and become endangered as well. Our quality of life is linked with endangered animals because we share ecosystems.  Many things cause and affect endangered animals but there is a lot that we can do to stop all of these things from happening.  The last question is What can we do to prevent all of these animals of becoming endangered? The answer is there are many things we can do to stop the animals from becoming endangered.The first thing we can do to prevent endangered animals is to tell your family and friends about the animals that are endangered in North Carolina. The first step to preventing endangered animals is to learn how interesting and important they are. Next you can visit a natural wildlife refuge , park or other open spaces. Scientist believe that the best way to prevent endangered animals is to protect where they live. Herbicides and pesticides keep your yard looking really nice but they are very harmful to hawks , owls and coyotes. These chemicals take a long time to break down in the soils or throughout the food chain. Each individual homeowner can help protect wildlife habitats by landscaping urban areas with natural plants. When a number of people work together and take action over a large area or neighborhood they can connect small blocks of habitat. This will allow animals to move more easily across urban regions. When you go overseas it is always fun to get a souvenir but a lot of times these souvenirs are made from animals coming near to extinction. We can all slow down when we are driving to watch out for wildlife. Many animals live in developed areas which means they are at risk for many humans. One last thing is to not harass wildlife.  Not only is shooting , trapping or threatening endangered animals illegal , but these things can lead to the endangerment of animals. We need to all keep these preventions in mind and save endangered animals. Spreading awareness of endangered animals in North Carolina can be a start to helping solve the problem of endangered animals. Endangered animals plays a big role in our lives even though most of us don’t realize it.  In North Carolina the list is getting longer over the years. We all need to focus on the preventions that I talked about earlier to help the endangered animals list decrease.