Have Then they serve coffee. At the

you ever wanted to travel back in time? Well, then allow me to take
you on a journey to

Italy! Italy is a country full of many magnificent things. But
specifically, it is full of culture,

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and religion!

Culture is a very important part of Italy. In Italy
they speak Italian but most everyone knows at least a little English.
A lot of Italians can speak or at least understand some Spanish
because it is so similar to Italian. My title means ‘Hello! Goodbye!’
in Italian. In Italy they use euros for money. I like euros because
the bills have pictures of places like the Colosseum and I think that
they are much prettier than US dollars. Euro bills are different
colors too, rather than all being green. Italy is famous for pizza,
but if you go expecting American pizza, you will be disappointed.
Italians like to put things on pizza that Americans would think are
strange. I actually had a slice of pizza with french fries on it!
Italians usually eat in 9 courses. You would start out with a drink,
probably wine, then you would have a bread, cheese, and ham
appetizer. After that you would have the ‘first course’, a hot dish,
usually a type of pasta. Then the ‘second course’, the main dish,
usually some kind of meat with potatoes. Next, the ‘side dish’ that
could be salad or cooked vegetables. Then some kind of cheese and
fruits. After that you would have dessert, which could be cakes,
tiramisu, cookies, or gelato. Then they serve coffee. At the end, you
would probably have more wine.

Going to Italy is like walking into a history
museum. There are buildings that are over a thousand years old! The
Colosseum, in Rome, is approximately 1,938 years old! It was
completed in 80 AD!

Trevi Fountain is another famous historic landmark. It
was completed in 1762 so it is not extremely

old, but it is still a very famous historic landmark.
The Pantheon is another old historic landmark. It

was completed in 126 AD! That makes it approximately
1,892 years old!

In Italy religion is everywhere. Roman Catholicism
is the main religion in Italy. I went to Italy this fall, and I went
to Assisi. In Assisi, they elevate Saint Francis because he was
originally from Assisi. I went to Saint Francis’s tomb and there
where dozens of people praying to him while holding candles. It was
sad to see so many people worshiping and praying to this dead man to
take away their sins. They do not know or understand that he has no
power. Monks and nuns are everywhere. If the rope they have tied
around their waist has three knots it means that they belong to the
church of Saint Francis.

In conclusion, Italy is a beautiful country
overflowing with culture, history, and religion. I went to Italy and
it is amazing. Italy is a remarkable place that I highly recommend
you visit if you ever get the chance.