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For a long time, the French traded with the Indian tribes, This created a humane alliance with the Natives so that they could have a new region to claim as new France. Beaver furs were the main selling point. Tensions began to rise when the British decided they wanted to claim this newly found land also. The French and Indian war altered the political, economic and ideological relations between Britain and its american colonies by republicanism, independence, and taxation.
In document one, the maps show that in 1754 colonial power was evenly distributed throughout North America. Some of the colonial power over certain parts of North America were shared between Great Britain and the French before the war. Then, the power in post war 1763 looked as if the British had almost total control of North America. The only parts they didn’t own were Louisiana and Texas, which was owned by the Spanish. The great gain of control in power and expansion of territories for Britain led to more responsibility. When the British began taking over politically, they started changing government by wanting a republican system over the English monarchy. In document seven, Benjamin Franklin is writing a response to John Hughes pertaining to the stamp act. The colonists, as you know were being taxed in order to pay for the French and Indian war and no other British subjects had these taxes imposed to them so therefore they were trying to have the taxes repealed and play fair with British parliament continuing calmly without injustice. Document eight is a newspaper header in the Pennsylvania Journal. It has skulls and crossbones all over it and it states ” In hopes of a resurrection to life again” this seems to mean that they felt as if they were all very unhappy and scared of what was going to happen in this very time in history. The picture says that the times were “dreadful, doleful, dismal,dolorous and DOLLAR-LESS”. Document four states how the colonial militiamen were denied access to the cloths and or supplies they needed, even though they were Englishmen born, they were not the regular British. These colonial men were being held under the British powers. It was time for these men to leave to go home but, they were not yet allowed to leave. They swore to do no more duty for them while they were there since it was their time to leave, which caused conflict because the British wanted to still have power over them. Document three begins to talk about George Washington’s loyalty to his king and country and he has respect for his new commander General Braddock with such great experience and abilities. After the General got shot during a battle, George Washington is declared to be the leader. He later on signs a treaty written in French, even though he can’t read or speak French, and by signing the Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian war in 1763, according to Document five. The Treaty of Paris also made Britain more powerful because Britain became the sole leading political power.