Few Sarees were totally missing. How come,

 Few days back I was trying to bring some order into my overloaded wardrobe, I realized something odd. I noticed that among all the jeans, skirts and dresses (and believe me, it’s quite a large number I’m talking about) Sarees were totally missing. How come, I asked myself? As  there was a time when I use to wear sari 6 days a week to my office, when I rejoined my office after my 3 months of maternity leaves, the reason was pretty simple I put on lot of weight that all my outfits like salwar suit and jeans were too tight and uncomfortable and I was not ready to spend my coins for XXL size clothes as I wanted to be in my pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible. (It was kind of challenge I took myself). Saree style-with  full sleve net blouseSaree style-with  quarter sleeve embroidery blouse Saree style-with sleeveless jacket blouseBut what happened to me later when I came back in my size I return to my western dresses again!  After some reflection, I figured that most versatile garment of any in the world, saree are still the victim of a great fashion prejudice, they’re not supposed to be flattering, they’re not supposed to be very trendy, and they’re not supposed to be chic.How wrong I am! They can be all of that and even more. Time to send a love kite to this deprived clothing item! And since a day of romance is coming on 14th feb, it’s one more good reason to look at sarees from a fresh new angle, and wraparound it as a new wearable romance. Saree style-with off shoulder  top blouseSaree style-with quarter sleeve shirt blouseIn above pics i have tried to show how we can play with one saree in so many way. If you are still thinking! I am trying a bit to help you out from your fixed rigid beliefs.I feel naked and people might take me wrong Chantal Boulanger (Famous anthropologist) writes on this expressively: “Educated Indians are nowadays associate nudity with the loose morals attributed to Westerners, and they have fully adopted the views of Moslems and Victorian Britons that the only way to control sexuality is to hide women’s body.” “Becoming over-obsessed with showing off one’s body is just as dangerous as obsessing about covering one’s body”.But at the end I feel it’s a Woman who decides what should wear and how which makes her look confident and beautiful with freedom from judgment and restriction.In a sari I looked passably desi  Above: image One of India’s most elegant, independent and modern Maharanis, Gayatri DeviShe was once named as the “World’s ten most Beautiful Women”.  In forties to the sixties, she was a glamorous fashion icon. She is Rajmata Gayatri Devi. Her style was flawless – chiffon sarees draped, pallu over her head and a string of pearls and emeralds.  If you look at the history Sarees were used to accentuate a woman’s body in ways that no shirt, dress, or even salwar kameez can. It is not made to hide the body in. (Women who try to hide their body in a saree knows how hard it is to do that!) It is made to emphasize (or even create) a waist, with breasts and hips sensuously curving diver-gently outward. Even if you feel you doesn’t look trendy and modish, experiment with your drape style despite dozens of possible drapes, most wearers adopt the Nivi drape: over the left shoulder and pleated in front. Let’s come out from your defined zone you will surprise yourself in a new voguish way.I feel trapped and almost breathless with those blousesThere’s an evolution towards experimentation, and the same i have tried to show in my above pics.  Above: image Raw Mango blouse from the Shaher collection  Above: image Rahul Mishra Amazon India Couture Week 2015   Above: image Amazon India Fashion Week 2017Women are now willing to let go of any preconceived notion when thinking of a blouse. You can feel as comfortable in a sari and blouse as you are in jeans and a t-shirt, maybe the younger crowds who don’t want to wear a fitted blouse are experimenting a lot today.Over the last few seasons, even fashion editorials have also been featuring all manner of garments as sari blouses: t-shirts, white collared shirts, loose silhouettes, off-the-rack crop tops, even jackets, and sari wearers are starting to follow.Let your thoughts fly high and play with this element without any set boundaries. Takes so much of time, I am in rush  Yes we are in hurry. Life has speeded up!! We speak faster than our parents.We write faster and use more shorthand techniques. We want instant response from our machines. We want to travel faster. We want to eat faster. We want to learn faster we want excellence in our relationships faster. We want to achieve our goals faster. We want to play faster. We want to pack more into our day. ;We want to dress fasterMost of this is related to the Western lifestyle. Westerners will commonly and in a complimentary way states- how relaxed many non-western countries are. This generally refers to them not being in a constant hurry.It is not a case of faster being better; often it is worse. The pressure of speed and time comes at a cost. Many social problems are the result of not being able to do what is expected of you in the time available.They are very inconvenient: Pleats go here, pallu goes there  Above: image Lata Mangeshkar   “Fashion didn’t evade me; I avoided it. If I wished, I could have been a fashion diva too, but I was never comfortable with wearing short and tight dresses”. Says legendry Lata Mangeshkar.What I don’t understand is, if girls (and even boys) are trained to wear traditional dresses in their teen age, will they still have the same opinion?I personally feel- If my parents would have given me a saree at my teenage, I probably would have trained perfectly to carry it easily in any situation. And sooner or later I would have then explored many comfortable ways to wear it.After all, your mothers and grandmothers wouldn’t be comfy in clothes other than saris like jeans/tops or even churidhars, will they? It’s all about comfort which comes with familiarity. Wear it often enough – in the sun, in the rain, while travelling, cooking, sleeping, sweeping a floor … And you will see how comfortable it really is … Yes I love my jeans, skirts, Salwars, patialas. But for me, for emotional comfort, I always turn to the saree.  It is every individual woman’s responsibility to take out time and wear a saree, and I am gonna do it. I will make saree as the most comfortable attire for me. It is we who should promote our unique culture, then may be on someday fashion business would change its side and market may offer a readymade hassle-free sarees to wear daily. And every woman on the globe would like to look as elegant as Indian female look in the sarees.