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Everything that happens in life is influenced by something. A person can become overweight by not eating healthy. A person can get a heart problem by continuing smoking.
There are different kinds of influences that can affect a child and young person’s development. One of them is their background. An example of this is where the childs parents are going through a marriage breakdown. This leads to all types of stress. Not only for the parents, but for the child aswell. They can become downbeat and can suffer a lack of confidence which can create low self esteem. They could lash out at other kids in school because of their frustration. Due to this, they may lose focus in their own abilities and suffer mentally. The lifestyle of the parents can also have an affect on the child’s development. If a child has stable parents and live a healthy life, then the child will develop at a healthy rate. On the other hand, if the parents don’t look after their children in the right manner, then the child’s development process is at great risk. Poor parenting includes substance misuse, inconsistent parenting etc.
Another influence that can affect a child’s development is health. An example of this is a child may have a hearing impairment and may suffer physically through loss of balance or socially through having to communicate in alternative ways such as sign language. A physical disability such as Cerebral Palsy can be physically challenging because they can be restricted in taking part in certain activities. Another developmental issue for a child could be if they are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer. They may suffer physically causing them to be weak and in too much pain to complete physical activities. They could be too ill to interact with others.

It is vital for every parent to create an environment at home where we can develop our children. This is done by how much time we spend with them in reading and writing together, doing activities, playing football etc. Taking our children to meet new people and experience new things will help them even further. It is important to expand their worlds by making friends with other people and learning about different cultures. An example of environmental influences could be housing. Families with low income may live in houses where there are damps and unheated. This could increase the risk of infection.