Every to provide animals with necessary needs and

Every day, blameless animals get beat up in Australia. Many animals are forced struggle through survival and not getting their necessary needs. Imagine you being that poor animal. Would you like it? As Australians, we love our animals and we try to give our pets the most superlative life we can. But upsettingly, ruthless people have put innocent, poor and adorable animals through horrific suffer such as torturing and beating up animals, failing to provide animals with necessary needs and so forth. As a responsible nation, we must fight for animal rights. It is up to all of us to stop this occurring situation NOW! If we don’t speak up, who will?
Animal testing is hot water. Imagine your skin being torn off alive? This is what happens to many animals when they get tested. If we don’t stop it now, more and more and more guiltless animals will have to go through limitless pain. Many big brands of beauty products in our local department stores have been tested on animals – and you don’t know that. This will continuously occur if we don’t act immediately! When it comes to animal testing, millions and millions of cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, monkeys and guinea pigs are tortured, burned, poisoned and some animals even get killed. There are different kinds of animal testing. Some animals are forced to inhale very harmful gases, many even are forced to get their organs or tissues removed to deliberately cause damage. So many Poor animals get tested with many beauty products such as makeup. Yes, many famous makeup brands test on animals. They put harsh chemicals on the animals to test if the products will harm customers. The products they test can be mascara, shampoo, perfumes, detergents, Vaseline, toothpaste and soap. This list is infinite. Think again. Animals die every day for this reason.
Every one of us has a great and memorable memory of the zoo. But do you know what extremely painful things zoo animals are forced to go through? These animals are kept in captivity and can’t enjoy the wild were they are supposed to be. They are kept in cramped spaces with no privacy and with very few opportunities of exercise and to keep them entertained. Imagine you being in a tight space with absolutely no freedom. It’s certainly dreadful to think about. Atrocious and uncaring Zoos don’t care about their animals they just care about the money. Zookeepers breed animals to make babies because babies in zoos are very popular. When they grow into an adult, the zoos often trade or sell the animals just because that animal isn’t making the zoo as much money. As prime minister we must stop this major dilemma together!