Ethos Budweiser reveals in the commercial is immensely

Ethos is presented within this clip due to the fact that their credibility is revealed with the subject of drinking and driving in their advertisement. Budweiser has been producing and selling beer for numerous of years. This advertisement unveils a message of responsibility because they want consumers to enjoy their product and not mishandle it. Despite the fact that Budweiser tried to manage two beliefs, their advertisement focused on safe usage to assure the health and happiness of our furry companions. This Budweiser advertisement illustrates a memo that society is not often exposed to in most drinking and driving commercials. Most drinking and driving commercials end with a fatal accident. However, what Budweiser reveals in the commercial is immensely different than others, leading to be a more persuasive message to not drink while under the influence in order to make it home safely.   Budweiser’s company is widely known throughout the country. Even though they are known for their beer, most would be able to identify the brand within a matter of seconds when watching the advertisement without the product being revealed. The ethos is rather strong considering that they are such an immensely know company. As a result, this commercial helped with providing the company with more credibility. The commercial targets the subject safe drinking and not driving while under the influence. This gives Budweiser credibility due to the fact that it displays that while they care about making money, they care more about its consumers’ safety.  The commercial shows a side of Budweiser that solidify their credibility. They are more than a business, they’re friends that care.    Logos  Budweiser’s use of logos is very strong as well in this commercial. The issue Budweiser is mentioning throughout the video is drinking and driving. Statistics found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website showed an astonishing reality. The statistics are as follows, “In 2015, 10,265 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (29%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. “Furthermore, according to the CDC, nearly 28 people within the U.S. die due to intoxication. That’s roughly a death for almost every hour. In the alcohol industry, especially large companies have one goal, to try and sell as much product as possible in order to be a successful business. But with that product comes a load of responsibility and consequences.  Selling beer is far more complex than a selling toy or a tv. There are consequences that may come as a result of their product and those consequences are demonstrated in the statistics above. Budweiser took note of this in our society and emphasized the importance of driving while intoxicated in this advertisement in order to try to change it. The logos/logical argument that was used to persuade the audience to not drink and drive was focused on the concept of leaving a loved one behind and to be more considerate of others while drinking intoxicated.